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Campeonata de Espana de Galgos (Coursing)

Campeonata de Espana de Galgos en Campo Copa de S. M. El Rey 17th January 2004 Report from Josephine Van Den Bergh of Greyhounds Rescue Belgium, with photos by Marcella Zappeij On January 16th, Marcella and I went with Virgin Express to Madrid to collect 5 galgos,...

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España es diferente; (not for the squeamish)

España es diferente (2004) We are sorry to report another recent hanging, this time in the same area where Phil from Anglia TV, Mandy and I were in September on the outskirts of Albacete where two galgos were found in a well. The date of the atrocity must have been...

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Atrocities in 2004 in Spain: Please help

Warning: these pictures are upsetting. Cristina Garcia Moreno, of Galgos sin Fronteras in Madrid, has requested from us the following action. She says there is a new Minister of the Environment in Spain, Senora Cristina Narbona who...

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International Companion Animal Welfare Conference (2004)

The Sixth International Companion Animal Welfare Conference, Warsaw, May 2004 Anne from GIN, with friend Norma, and Nuria and Cristina from Amigos De Los Galgos, Madrid, attended at their own expense, this conference organised by the Dogs Trust and North Shore League....

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Answer from the Spanish Embassy in Washington

Cruelty to Animals in Spain: Answer from the Spanish Embassy in Washington. What you can do......... Dear................ As Counselor of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., I have been asked by my government to address your concerns for the alleged mistreatment of dogs...

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A Plea from USA for Action!  

Desperate, ailing greyhound in streets of Madrid Estimado Señor José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Señora Ministra Narbona, Señor Samuel J. Juarez y  Señora Ministra Da Elena Espinosa Mangana, (see' More Abuses in Spain' for more details of addresses) Below are the DIRECT...

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Independent Review of the Greyhound Racing Industry

Independent Review of the Greyhound Racing Industry chaired by Lord Donoughue (2007) Report by Martin Humphery, Trustee, Greyhounds in Need The long-awaited report from the Independent Review of the Greyhound Racing Industry chaired by Lord Donoughue, was published on...

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Those Hideous Traps in Spain

I hate to tell you how many hunting dogs in Spain I have seen with mangled legs like this one, caught in traps (and I do believe they are illegal), including my own galga, Jessa. The injuries are appalling. And of course we only see the ones that are rescued and...

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Leishmania: A Disease of Dogs from the Mediterranean

Canine Leishmaniasis is one of a number of diseases that occur in Mediterranean and Tropical areas.  It is transmitted by a species of sand fly that does not occur in the UK. There is always a possibility that your dog may acquire this disease if they accompany you to...

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A Time for Action

A Time for Action (2005) Please do not scroll down if you will be upset by seeing maltreated galgos Our webpage tells largely of our work and work of others for these dogs, but occasionally we have to remind ourselves of the reality of the lives of hundreds maybe...

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The Wall of Silence: changing attitudes in Spain

Nuria of the Madrid-based Spanish association, Amigos de los Galgos, has put together a document in English, Spanish and French. She calls it 'A Galgo's Tale of Sorrow and Mourning'. It documents some of the history of her involvement as volunteer caring about the...

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Petition news (2010)

In our last newsletter, I told you about the online petition we had mounted calling on the Spanish Government, during their presidency of the EU, to enact and enforce measures to curb the continuing  appalling cruelty to galgos. We were delighted to achieve 16,738...

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Our Work in Spain (2011)

Last year when we visited the RECAL shelter in Almendralejo, run by Mada, we were able to see for ourselves how hard Mada and her few helpers have to work looking after so many dogs. Already this year we have taken many galgos from her. Some of these galgos have been...

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