The Galgos from Spain for homing in the UK

Galgos (breed name galgo español) are Spanish bred greyhounds used widely by hunters in the rural areas of Spain, for coursing the hare with betting but the season is only 4 months after which time they are abandoned or brutally killed. Many have not been handled kindly, some have suffered victimisation in overcrowded shelters in Spain, making them wary of other dogs, and some need gentle socialisation and a lot of reassurance that they are never going to be hungry or hurt again. They were rescued in the first place by volunteers who themselves suffer the hostility of their own countrymen for showing such concern and care.

All of the galgos we rescue are tested for Leishmaniasis, Babesiosis, Heartworm and Ehrlichiosis which are diseases that occur in Mediterranean countries but are not commonly known or endemic in the UK. The tests we undertake are to ascertain whether an individual galgo is currently infected with this disease but diagnosis can be challenging and latent infections can be difficult to diagnose. More details of these diseases can be found on our website.


Adoption Process

If you are interested in offering a home to a galgo please :-
· Contact us on 01784 483206 to ask for a homing pack or view the homing pack 
· Complete and send the questionnaire in the pack to us at Greyhounds in Need, 5A, 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HE, or email it to our homing officer

The questionnaire is also available separately – pdf and online version here
· We will then get in touch to chat more with you and arrange a home visit and try to match the right dog to the right home.

Please note that we aim to keep our website as up to date as possible regarding dogs reserved/adopted but this can change quickly so please ring us or email for the latest position. Thank you.

Galgos for Adoption:

Our 16 galgos –  Baker, Brandy, Brighton, Button, Earl, Fifty, Frosty, Lenny, Pantoja, Porelia, Reina, Ruperta, Simba, Sugar, Summer and Tyson have now arrived.

Many thanks to Tina and her team at Galgos del Sol for rescuing and caring for these galgos and to Eva and Jorge of  Todopatas for transporting them for us.

Tyson – approximately 5 years old who was turned in by his galguero. He is tri-pod, but that doesn’t stop him – he is the fastest one getting to the play area. Loves his kennel roommate, is confident, friendly, sociable just lovely and easy to handle dog. Loves food and always finishes his food in the bowl. 

Simba – approximately 5 years old, rescued from the streets and is cool as a cucumber. Handsome and calm friendly boy who would make a delightful companion.

Porelia – approximately 6 years old, handed in by her galguero. She is very affectionate, great on a lead, playful with other dogs. Perfect dog!

Frosty – approximately 3 years old, rescued from the streets. Very friendly, enjoys the company of humans and other dogs. Walks lovely on a lead and is absolutely ready for a home.

Button – approximately 4 years old, rescued from the streets. Cute as a button who fitted in from day one. Gets along with other dogs, loves humans and food and is great all rounder.

Baker – approximately 6 years old and got his name after being spotted stealing bread. Lovely, quiet and calm boy, walks beautifully on a lead, loves human company, very sociable and friendly.

Summer – approximately 5 years old, turned in by her galguero. Easy to handle, perfect all rounder, happy, sociable and confident.

Ruperta – approximately 2 years old and was found with a broken knee by another charity. She has had an operation and has pins in her knee. Confident, friendly and lovely girl who is always ready to go exploring and can pull on the lead. Needs an experienced owner.

Pantoja – approximately 7 years old, owner signed her over after being spotted tied to a tree on someone’s property. Really calm, friendly, happy dog who loves people and enjoys cuddles and attention. She has very sweet and loving character and after rough years and life she deserves her own warm home with soft bed and endless cuddles.

Fifty – approximately 3 years old, handsome small size galgo. Lovely, confident chap, walks nicely on a lead.

Brighton – is approximately 3 years old and was rescued from the streets. He was quite unsure at first but has made a huge progress. He is very playful with other dogs and gets confidence from them. Walks nicely on a lead but can spook easily and unexpectedly, therefore needs an experienced owner.

Sugar – this girl is a delight! approximately 2 years old, caught from the streets covered with scars. Despite what she has been through, she is the happiest girl. Confident and sociable, perfect with other dogs and loves people.

Reina – approximately 2 years old and one of the shy ones in the group. She is calm and quiet and has the sweetest character. She will take some time to adjust to her new home. She gets along with other dogs and is quite playful. She has had a broken leg at some point that has healed on its own.

Lenny – approximately 3 years old and very happy and sociable dog, gets along with all dogs, walks nicely on a lead and is generally perfect.

Earl – approximately 4 years old and caught with a trap next to a busy intersection. Very handsome and sweet boy, walks lovely on a lead, likes people and other dogs. Just perfect really.

Brandy – the most beautiful girl in the shelter with perfect eye-liner. Approximately 3 years old, caught from the streets. She is quite shy, but will make a lot of progress when given patience, time and love. She needs an experienced owner and would benefit from being with other dogs with good character at home.

Our last set of Galgos for Adoption:

Our 15 galgos –  Saltarin, Eve, Sarah, Zeus, Moo, Dinky, Mia, Yuma, Ear Muffs, Zaira, Milan, Chestnut, Berry, Tux and Liberty have been adopted.

Many thanks to Tina and her team at Galgos del Sol for rescuing and caring for these galgos and to Eva and Jorge of  Todopatas for transporting them for us.

Sara, a white female galga around 5 years old. She is extremely sociable and has lived in a home before. Lovely on a lead, great with other dogs and just generally perfect. ADOPTED

Zeus is a male galgo, approx. 5 years old. He is very friendly and loving and patient with other dogs. Great all rounder in general but can express himself a bit when he is unsure of things. ADOPTED

Mia, approx. 2 years old, arrived at Galgos del Sol on Christmas Eve, she was rescued from the streets and was fostered for a little while so has been in a home. She is lovely and sociable, just perfect really. ADOPTED

Zuma is a lovely confident sociable girl ready to just walk into a home. She is approx. 4 years old. She arrived at Galgos del Sol on Christmas Eve. She loves other dogs and her favourite thing at the shelter was walking in the sensory garden. ADOPTED

Berry is a young extremely loving boy that is perfect with other dogs. He also loves people. He has an old break in the leg after being hit by a car but he uses it just fine. He can pull a bit on the lead. He is approx. 3 years old. ADOPTED

Ear Muffs is a year old male galgo who was rescued from the streets. He’s a big puppy really that will need an experienced sighthound owner. He was named by the shelter in Spain, Ear Muffs, as he has tufty bits hanging off his ears which is super cute. He did really well with the behaviourist at the shelter in Spain but can be a little naughty and jumpy with others. He is great with other dogs. ADOPTED

Saltarin is approx. 3 years old. He is a sweet boy but can be nervous at first. He was taken from a Galguero who had neglected him. He’s a bit skittish on a lead and will need some lead training. He will take time to adjust to his new home. ADOPTED

Tux was rescued from the streets. He is a handsome boy, approx. 2 years old, quite scared at first but will come out on a lead and does quite well once settled. He has benefited from being with some confident dogs but he will need an experienced owner to help him gain his confidence and trust again. ADOPTED

Dinky is a tiny galga, almost whippet size, possibly a whippet galgo cross. She is a bit scared at first and would benefit from being with other dogs as they help her along. She was on the streets alone, as always, and needed a trap to be caught! She is approx. 2 years old. ADOPTED

Eve is a lovely sweet galga. She has trade mark cut on her ears of being with a gypsy in Spain. She is fantastic with others dogs and walks nicely on a lead. ADOPTED

Milan is quite shy at first but will come round if given time. She is nearly 2½ years old and was rescued from the streets. She is great with other dogs and walks nicely on a lead when she’s relaxed. ADOPTED

Moo is approx. 3 years old. He was on the motorway in Spain and was rescued by a local woman and then came to Galgos del Sol. He is a sweet boy, walks lovely on a lead and is quite calm and chilled. He is a good all rounder really. No obvious fears and loves human attention. ADOPTED

Zaira, a female galga, around 3 years old. She is a lovely girl but can be timid. She will need an experienced dog owner and would benefit from a confident dog in the house. She is lovely and playful with other dogs.

Liberty a sweet boy that was on the streets and had a tooth infection. He walks beautifully on a lead. He plays like a puppy sometimes which is nice to see as he was a bit scared at first. He is approx. 4 years old. He was spotted running down roadways and through fields with another galgo. They were finally caught in a trap. ADOPTED

Chestnut was found lying in the dirt, he had been abandoned. He is quite shy at first but slowly comes around, he will take time to gain his confidence again. He enjoys his walks and likes doing zoomies when he thinks no one is looking. He is approx. 4 years old. ADOPTED

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