There are many ways you can help our charity:


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Support our ebay shop

Please take a look at our ebay shop —you might find a bargain!

We are always looking for new ways to fundraise and receive some lovely donations throughout the year which we have been able to put on eBay to sell to raise funds.   Also, some supporters (who have their own eBay account) have loaded up items and donated a percentage or all of their sale value to GIN, so many thanks to you all for doing this.  If you have any items you would like to donate to us please give us a call—01784 483206. 



Easyfundraising & Amazon Smile

As we all seem to have more time to shop online please don’t forget that you can help us raise funds by shopping via the Easyfundraising website   It is a great way to raise money for charities, schools, sports clubs, community groups, and other good causes. You don’t pay anything extra.

Also by shopping via Amazon Smile and choosing Greyhounds in Need as your chosen charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases.

Fundraise for us

Fundraising in aid of GIN

More help with fundraising means more dogs can be saved!

Offers of help, especially accomplished fundraising events would be very welcomed! Street collections, (you need permission from your local council), coffee mornings, car boots, dog food collections at your local supermarket, these all help. If you are able to help and would like one of our fundraising packs please phone us on 01784 483206 or email us at

A Fundraising Pack (with literature displaying the Charity’s logo and registration number) containing fundraising guidelines to assist you, can be obtained from Carolyn or Tracey at the Egham office (01784 483206). The pack consists of authorisation card, collecting box, leaflets, newsletters and headed blank posters, stickers, posters and assorted other promotional material of interest to the public.

Thank you for considering to give help.

Contact Carolyn or Tracey at HQ on 01784 483206.
For Cheshire and North West events contact
Sue and Phil on 0161 6206094.

We at GIN HQ take this opportunity of thanking all those supporters who have valiantly dedicated time, effort, talent and personal funds to donating goods like dog coats, blankets, duvets, antiparasitics, gifts for resale and other items and resources and for carrying out fundraising projects for GIN.

Fundraising and donations

All funds raised at events and sales etc are remitted to GIN’s central account and the Trustees who are at the helm of the Charity and have the best overview of its entire work and commitments, have the final decision on how money is used. However, we welcome and will gladly consider any special requests for your donations or raised funds.

We issue written guidelines to assist fundraisers which we hope answer any queries, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Strange as it may seem, banks only rarely notify us of the arrival of donations sent straight to the account and often we get very little detail of its source, so please contact us if you have donated in this way so we can look out for it and thank you properly as we like to do.

Request a collecting tin

A number of you have been asking for these and judging by the rate at which we have to re-order them, they are becoming more and more popular!

Supporters cleverly place these in vets’ surgeries, pet shops, their own shops, hairdressers, pubs, etc and it’s amazing what comes in! If you’d like one, please ask us.

The tin has on it our charity name, logo and registered number and comes with seals.

The contents should opened with another responsible person as witness and double signed and the contents sent to us in the form of a cheque/ P.O. made out to Greyhounds in Need.

Help at an event


We are always looking for volunteers to man our stalls and events up and down the country. This is not trivial! Often means being on one’s feet for 9 hours plus hours of travelling to and from.

GIN is being offered an ever increasing number of opportunities for running stalls and participating in events but the actual work of it usually falls on our same old faithfuls who loyally stumble out of their pits at some unearthly hour on a Saturday or Sunday morning, load their cars to the gunnels and return knackered to face their own household chores at the end of their precious weekend off work!

We do enjoy it; we bring our dogs; we have a laugh; and it is essential for the ongoing rescue work of GIN, but if this task could be shared, it would be a little easier for us and if there is an event taking place, near you, why not contact us and give us a hand!

Please let us know on 01784 483206

Recycle ink cartridges

Used small ink cartridges can be recycled to raise funds for our work. We hope you can help us in this way.  Please send your empty ink cartridges to us at Greyhounds in Need CIO, 5a 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HE and we can send them off to the recycling company.  If you need to check what cartridges can be recycled please call us on 01784 483206 or email us

Send us Stamps

Many thanks to supporters for donating books of stamps.

This has been very helpful and if you could continue to send these to us it will certainly lighten and share the load of postage costs on GIN which is something we cannot control.

Postage costs are always increasing, our daily post consists of; acknowledging your letters and kind donations, answering queries, sending reports, collecting boxes, material for events and homing and introductory packages to newcomers, to say nothing of the twice yearly newsletter mail outs.

Stamps, of any denomination, are very welcome.

Used Postage Stamps

Please send any used postage stamps to:

Greyhounds in Need, 5A, 80 High Street, Egham,  Surrey,  TW20 9HE, UK

We are pleased to receive these stamps and are able to sell them in bulk to raise funds towards our work for the greyhounds and galgos.

Tel: 01784 483206.

United States Postage stamps

Anita Zehm would be happy to receive donations of used postage stamps from all over the States for onward transmission to GIN.

Please send to Anita Zehm, 1815 Syringa Drive, Emmett, ID 83617, USA.

Thank you.

Remember us in your Will

How to Help Greyhounds with a Legacy

Making a Will

Making a Will is very important. 70% of people die in the UK without making a Will, and if you fail to make a Will and have no relatives all your assets go to the Government. Making a Will is the only way to ensure that your money and property goes where you would like.

Making a Will can be complex and it is a false economy to write your own. It is best to get quotes from solicitors in your area, and then talk through your intentions with the chosen solicitor. Then your Will can be drawn exactly as you wish and will achieve what you intend. After making all necessary provision for your dependants, you might decide to leave a legacy to one or more of your favoured charities.

Changing your Will

If you have already made a Will, a simple Codicil can be added to it to change any of the provisions in it. If you decide that you now wish to support a charity, the solicitor who helped you with the original Will can advise you how to add a simple Codicil to it.

Different types of legacy

There are two main ways for supporters to leave money to charities:

1 Leaving a set amount. This is called a pecuniary legacy and the only disadvantage is that the real value of your gift is eroded over time, so may end up being of less value than you intended.

2 Leaving all or part of what’s left over. This is called a residuary legacy, as the residue is what is left after you have made specific provisions for your relatives and friends. This may give you peace of mind as you know that your family have been provided for and that the legal and other costs will be taken from your estate, then the balance left over can go to helping your favourite charity or charities.

Inheritance Tax

UK Inheritance Tax affects all estates exceeding currently £325,000. This might seem a substantial amount, but many older people own their homes and this alone is taking large numbers of people into the Inheritance Tax net. Inheritance Tax is charged at 40% on the value of assets above £325,000.

However, legacies left to registered UK charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax, so if someone with an estate valued at £365,000 had left a legacy of £40,000 to a charity, Inheritance Tax would be avoided.

The Government is further encouraging people to remember charities in their Wills. People dying on or after 6th April 2012, will have the rate of Inheritance Tax cut to 36% if they have left at least 10% of their net estate to charities.

Greyhounds in Need

Legacies make a vital contribution to the UK charitable sector and major charities receive half their income from legacies. A legacy is a fine way for supporters to help GIN carry on its work with greyhounds, both in Spain and elsewhere. GIN was founded to help greyhounds and galgos and still devotes its efforts and funds to help these needy dogs.

Legacies cost nothing during a lifetime, but remembering GIN by leaving a legacy, will help GIN to continue helping greyhounds and galgos. If you have included a legacy to GIN in your Will, please let us know. It tells us that we are getting our messages to people who count, and enables GIN to keep you up to date with our progress.

Legacy Leaflet PDF Version or Flip Builder Version

Foster a greyhound/galgo

Can you be a fosterer?

We are very lucky that the majority of the greyhounds and galgos we rescue are homed very quickly.

Quarantine requirements changed in 2012 and we no longer have to put our Galgos into quarantine kennels for six months. The only requirement is that dogs coming into the UK must be vaccinated against rabies.

We hope that we can bring more galgos to the UK for homing in the future and it would certainly help with our rehoming if we had some more people offering to foster a dog should this be necessary.

If you are familiar with greyhounds and happy to help us we would be pleased to hear from you.

Tel: 01784 483206, OR email us

Home and Follow up Visits

Thank you everyone for all your help carrying out home visits, follow up visits etc and assisting in transporting dogs to their new homes.

Thank you too to all those who have offered to help us with visits in the future—we will keep your details on file.

We always need more home checkers so if you are familiar with greyhounds, willing to share your experience with prospective adopters and happy to help us in this respect, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Tel: 01784 483206, Email:

Write to your local MEP

Please write to your local MEP about the plight of the galgos.

Full list of MEPs can be found here –

SAMPLE letter


It is well known in Spain and abroad that many galgos (Spanish bred hunting dogs) are routinely abandoned or killed every year at the end of the hunting season, which only lasts for four months.

Many galgos have been neglected, or have obviously been mutilated to disguise their identity. The welfare groups in Spain are faced with some terrible cases of abuse and despite many complaints to the authorities and petitions over the years, these barbaric practices continue unabated.

Greyhounds in Need an English registered charity is devoted to the rescue, treatment and rehoming of the galgos and they work closely with shelters in Spain and adoption groups in mainland Europe to help many galgos each year but know that they are only dealing with a fraction of the galgos abandoned.

We respectfully ask you to raise this matter at the European Parliament to enact and enforce humanitarian legislation to protect the galgos of Spain from such barbaric treatment. This would help bring Spain to its rightful position alongside other European nations in according proper standards of protection to its animal population. It would also free foreign charities from the burden of coping with the results of this lack of protection.

Yours sincerely

Make a dog coat


Using the template below as a pattern (each square on the grid is 6″ (15 cm) sq.), present the top edge of the template to a fold in your material and cut it out double. Do this twice, and with right sides together, sew all round the outside edges leaving a small gap to be able to turn the whole thing inside out. Sew a six foot band of soft material at least two inches wide onto the middle of the back for the belly band. Finally, oversew or bind the two thick edges which go over the breastbone, very firmly together. This can be a weak spot.

Standard blanket/coat material can be used double unless it is particularly thick and could do singly, perhaps with a flannelette/soft cotton lining. Another idea is to cut up and use material from second hand padded anoraks (which have the advantage of being waterproof,) or padded dressing gown material.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to all those knitters and seamstresses who make and send coats to us to send to Spain or for use by our dogs in kennels here.

PDF version for printing…

Make a coat for a cold Rescue Greyhound


sewn coat illustration

Could you make one of these simple dog coats? Make one for your own dog, or better yet, make several and send some to GIN.

Inland Spain suffers from extreme seasonal weather variations, so in the winter it gets bitterly cold. The constant flow of dogs through our hands all need coats.

  • Knitted coat pattern
  • Sewn coat pattern
  • Sewn “snuggler” coat pattern (dog nightie!)

Knitted coat pattern

Charity shops sometimes sell “odds and sods” of wool cheaply that may be suitable. They may also be able to sell you very cheaply mens neck ties that are too grotty to put on

sewn coat pattern

display; 2 of these with the thin ends sewn to the make coat as in step 9) make good alternative belly bands.

  • Size 8 or 4mm needles
  • 500g ball of Arran wool or suitable thick wool.

1) Cast on 100 stitches in garter stitch and knit for 24 inches.

Divide neck as follows:

2) With right side facing, knit 43 stitches then cast off 14 stitches which will be centre of the neck.

3) Knit the remaining 43 stitches from the left hand needle onto the right hand needle.

Shape neck as follows:

4) Starting at beginning of row knit 43 stitches then slip remaining 43 stitches onto stitch holder.

5) Starting at neck edge decrease one stitch every alternate row (by knitting two stitches together) until 20 stitches remain, then cast off.

6) Return to remaining 43 stitches on stitch holder and repeat to match other side. Wrong side facing, sew neck ends together.

To make belly band:

7) Cast on 1.5 inches in garter stitch.

8) Knit for 66 inches and cast off.

9) Sew band onto dog coat half way down. (To tie under belly)

knitted coat pattern


Sewn coat pattern

An old blanket is fine. Fleece is perfect if you have it. Think warm!

Charity shops may be able to sell you very cheaply mens neck ties that are too grotty to put on display; 2 of these with the thin ends sewn to the make coat back as in step 6) make good alternative belly bands.

  • 1 yd fabric
  • bias binding
  1. Transfer the sewn coat pattern (right) onto a newspaper. Each square of the grid represents 6″.
  2. Fold the material that you are going to use, pin the template on and cut out.
  3. Sew the dart for the hips.
  4. Use bias binding to bring neck edge and sides. If you don’t have any binding then use zig-zag on the raw edges.
  5. Sew the front neck edges together.
  6. Attach a six foot band midway on the back for the belly binder.

Yes, the belly band does need to be six foot long. It’s attached on the back of the coat, the 2 ends pass under the dog’s tummy up the other side and tie on his back. It save’s a lot of wear and tear on helper’s backs if they don’t have to delve under dogs tums!

Sewn “snuggler” coat pattern

This is a pattern for a snuggler coat. It is experimental and works well in the thermal fleece material which fits cosily and draws up over the dog. I’m not sure how it works with blanket material but if you have a dog at hand to experiment with, maybe you can adapt it to suit the material that you can get hold of cheaply. The advantage of it is that there is not the danger of narrow ties cutting the dog under the belly and also there is the added warmth of the breast plate over the tummy.

Good luck and thanks!

Please send coats to:

Greyhounds in Need
5A, 80 High Street,
TW20 9HE, UK



Our office is based in Egham, Surrey and we are often looking for volunteers to help with general office duties, especially at busy times.We also attend/organise fundraising events, mostly locally,  and often require help to prepare items for our stalls.

We bring galgos (Spanish greyhounds) to the UK for homing and often need help with home visits, follow up visits for adopters along with help with dog walking, kennel visits.

If you feel you can help us please give us a call on 01784 483206 or email us

Help for the Shelters

Help for the Shelters 

We support several shelters in Spain with their work for the galgos and throughout the year we send many boxes of kindly donated dog coats, blankets and collars to them – these items are always very much needed and appreciated.

We have also been able to fund the purchase of dog beds for some of the shelters as these sadly get chewed and need to be replaced.

We are often asked for some waterproof coats as some areas of Spain do get heavy rain and the kennels get flooded and we are also asked for Martingale collars which are becoming more popular for the galgos.

We organise a Christmas Treats appeal each year to raise funds for the shelters to buy dog treats for the galgos – this is always popular.

If you would like to donate towards these items for the shelters there are many ways to do so, on line via—   Justgiving  and Paypal.


Donations can also be made over the phone – 01784 483206

Cheques can be sent to us, made payable to Greyhounds in Need CIO, 5A 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9HE.

Please quote as reference –  SHELTERS

Thank you