International Projects

SOS Galgos, Barcelona

We are pleased to be working with Anna and her team at SOS Galgos, Barcelona. They have been helping greyhounds and galgos for many years and we have been pleased to help with some boarding and transport costs for some of the galgos they have helped.

We have known for some time that Anna wanted to have her own kennels and were thrilled to hear that she recently signed the lease on kennels in Barcelona and they will be called “SOS Galgos Rescue and Education Centre”

They are currently busy getting the new centre ready to receive galgos and we have been able to offer funding  towards the new fencing that was required to improve access and security.

Photos from SOS Galgos

They also work hard on promoting legislation, informing and educating the public, and working to change the Spanish perception towards galgos. We are very pleased that they are keen to promote and use our educational material  and their new centre will have a separate area devoted to education.

We recently sent them three large boxes of coats, blankets, leads and dog bowls along with more educational material.

Galgos del Sol, Murcia

We have been able to fund the building of some mini kennels at Galgos del Sol in Murcia. Tina and her team rescue many galgos in and around their area and work tirelessly to give them every chance to recover from their ordeals and have the chance of life in a home.

We have supported Tina for some years now and on our second visit in 2015 we were able to visit the site of the new shelter, it was huge and work had just started on the first kennel block.
Over the years we have continued to support the work of Tina and her helpers with funding for initial veterinary costs, education grants etc and also been able to take some galgos from her for homing here in the UK.

Our new group will be coming from Galgos del Sol and you can see more details of this lovely group here

We heard from Tina earlier this year that the final project at the shelter was to provide two day parks for the galgos, two areas at the far end of the site, away from the kennels where the dogs could spend the day and chill out with each other and the volunteers.

Some dogs do not do well in a kennel environment no matter how much love and care they receive and for the nervous dogs these parks should prove invaluable.

We were therefore pleased to be able to offer funding for the mini kennels that were needed in these parks to provide some shade for the dogs.

The mini kennels are now complete and Nomi at Galgos del Sol is getting them ready for the galgos.



Download as a PDF – Click here

Galgos del Sol, Murcia

We have supported Tina and her team at Galgos del Sol for many years now. They work tirelessly helping the galgos and we have been able to fund the initial veterinary costs for many galgos they have rescued as well as funding projects at their centre.

In our last newsletter we mentioned the kind donations we had received in memory of our Founder, Anne Finch, and after funding the planting of 100 trees at Galgos del Sol, in her memory, we offered additional funding to expand the sensory garden at the centre.

This project is now complete and will help Tina and her team rehabilitate the galgos giving them a quiet, calm area away from the main kennels to socialise and gain confidence with new surroundings and people.

Anne’s three legged galgo, Mario, came from Galgos de Sol.


112carlotagalgos, Malaga

We were recently able to visit Charlotte and Dioni at 112carlottagalgos in Malaga. They had moved premises since our last visit so we were all excited to see their new finca.

It was larger than their previous finca but Charlotte and Dioni have worked hard to make it a lovely place for the galgos to live and be cared for until they are ready for adoption.

They have recently added a clinic building to their premises and having a vet on site certainly eases the burden on Charlotte as the regular visits to the vets with so many dogs took up a lot of her day. We were very impressed with the clinic and were able to meet Rosa, the vet. Charlotte had asked us for some help with the clinic and this made our visit very important so that we could see for ourselves what was needed. Leigh, one of our Trustees, himself a vet, was able to discuss the clinic and equipment with Rosa and Charlotte and we are pleased to say that we have funded the purchase of the following veterinary equipment to aid their work.

Oxygen Concentrator
Anaesthetic Machine
Operating Lamp
Anaesthetic circuits and consumables
Surgical Tray
Suture materials
Anaesthetic Monitoring machine
Surgical equipment

This year we have given funding towards initial veterinary costs for 24 galgos they have rescued and you can see photos of the last 12 galgos helped here.

RECAL, Almendralejo 

We have supported RECAL for a number of years now and some time ago funded some exercise paddocks to be built so that the dogs could have more room to run around. This has helped with socialising them and RECAL’s adoption programme. Mada, who runs RECAL, has also used this area for some of the school education visits. We have just been able to fund some new shaded areas/repairs to existing areas just in time for the summer months where the temperatures can rise to 40º !


The education project is doing very well in Spain and the numbers of children being reached by several shelters is so encouraging. The activities on our site can be easily downloaded and printed off and the children are encouraged to take part in our drawing competitions. For more information, see Education site


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