The happy homings that follow are compiled mainly from photos received by our homing officer. If your dog is not represented here and you feel you would like him/her included, please accept our apologies and send us a photo, either hard copy or JPEG format and we will be glad to add him/her to the gallery. If you changed the name of your dog, please remind us when sending photos of the original name, to jog our ageing memories.

Bono, who was Carbonero – the last very timid galgo we homed and Marisa. Both enjoying life on the Isle of Wight.

Bobby originally from Galgos del Sol in Murcia, now looking very comfortable here in the UK

GIN happily homed in Slovenia

Pinch originally from Galgos en Familia now settled in Belgium

Myra, happily homed in Devon with Elaine and Ed. Photo taken by Steve Davidson

Filly homed together with Sally in Warwickshire

Lily and Ruby happily homed in Scotland

Rosa and Onda happily homed together in Surrey

Galgo River and his new friend Bailey sunbathing in Reading

Perdio enjoying his life in France

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