Dogs for Sponsorship for Greyhounds in Need

The sponsorship scheme has been hugely successful and has helped this charity to continue to bring a few galgos into this country for adoption. When our UK supporters (who bring in the charity’s major funding) meet these lovely dogs and learn of their history, it stimulates interest and support for these poor Spanish bred greyhounds and enables us to expand our rescue and adoption work for them abroad which has always been on a very much larger scale than we can do here in the UK. The major part of GIN’s funds go to financing the rescue, rehabilitation and transport of Spanish galgos and greyhounds to safety and to homes with associations and sympathisers in Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and other countries of northern and central Europe. The UK sponsorship scheme is one of the catalysts that help raise the funds for this work.

Galgos for Sponsorship:


Calcetines was very scared when he arrived at GDS but has gained more confidence now and loves to be with people!   He is approx. 2½ years old.


Grant is a super sweet and confident boy who was handed in by his galguero. Lucky for Grant that he wasn’t abandoned to the streets.  He is approx. 5½ years old.

Le Bon is one of four hounds that came to GDS from a perrera in Baza where the police denounced the previous owner for cruelty. He’s a really sweet young boy that walks very gently on a lead and is a gentleman around other dogs.  He is approx. 1½ years old.

Ady was given away as unwanted. Not only was he unwanted, the owner couldn’t be bothered to have Ady’s broken leg treated.  The bone has healed on its own quite well, he’s young. Ady walks quite nicely when out with tail wagging when other dogs approach. He is approx. 2½ years old.


Pebbles was rescued from the streets. GDS suspected she had been hit by a car as she couldn’t walk very well and cried when they lifted her. The vets found an old break in her leg which could have caused the pain as well as a belly full of stones, believe it or not! Now fit as a fiddle, Pebbles is feeling fabulous. She’s recovered really well and just loves being with people. She is approx. 4½ years old.



Kamal and Sanghi are two young brothers who were dumped on a mountain road. These poor scared souls stayed in the same location walking up and down the road waiting for someone to return to get them. The first couple of days the boys were very growly but didn’t take long for them to turn into love bugs. They are such strikingly handsome dogs. Wouldn’t it be lovely if they could be homed together?    They are approx. 2½ years old.

Gala – what a character she is! This little beauty loves to cuddle and play. Certainly some manners to be learnt as she is a bit boisterous but totally adorable and all with the loveliest of intentions. She is a puppy really at just over a year old.  Gala is approx. 1½ years old.

Libby survived being hit by a car but was left with horrendous injuries. Now on the mend, her skin graft took and her dislocated elbow was operated on and coming along nicely. Libby is super friendly.  She is approx. 6½ years old.

Ginebra was heartbroken to be given up by her previous owner. As she looks back, we will help her to only look forward. What a beauty with that gorgeous long nose. She is approx. 1½ years old.

Gorgeous Snowy was caught in a trap by GDS.  Her left eye looked to have been bitten by another dog and GDS treated this.  She was caught during Christmas week.  She is approx. 4½ years old.

A street rescue, Nahekari was found with burns/injuries on her paws that made it difficult for her to walk.  She was rescued in January 2022 and has recovered well at GDS. She is approx. 5½ years old.

If you would like to sponsor our galgos, please contact Carolyn or Tracey on 01784 483206 or email or complete the sponsor form here (printable) or here (pdf).

If you would like to offer a home to one of our galgos please contact us by email – or by phone on 01784 483206