Dogs for Sponsorship for Greyhounds in Need

The sponsorship scheme has been hugely successful and has helped this charity to continue to bring a few galgos into this country for adoption. When our UK supporters (who bring in the charity’s major funding) meet these lovely dogs and learn of their history, it stimulates interest and support for these poor Spanish bred greyhounds and enables us to expand our rescue and adoption work for them abroad which has always been on a very much larger scale than we can do here in the UK. The major part of GIN’s funds go to financing the rescue, rehabilitation and transport of Spanish galgos and greyhounds to safety and to homes with associations and sympathisers in Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and other countries of northern and central Europe. The UK sponsorship scheme is one of the catalysts that help raise the funds for this work.

Galgos for Sponsorship:



Blackberry – a male galgo, approx. 2 years old.  He came from the pererra in Madrid.  He was a bit scared when rescued but has gained confidence at GDS and is now quite loving and friendly. ADOPTED


Cameron – a male galgo, approx. 5 years old.  He was taken from a perrera where he had been dropped off by his galguero.   He is extremely loving to people but doesn’t interact much with other dogs.  He is sharing a kennel but would be great as an only dog in a home. ADOPTED


Feliz – a female galga, approx. 8 years old.  She is extremely sociable, great with other dogs and very calm, never complaining.  Her original name, as in her passport, was Depression – GDS changed that straight away!  She had been taken to a killing station by her owner. ADOPTED

Lechuga – a female galga, approx. 4 years old. She is fine-boned, small galga with a sweet-tempered personality. Saved from a perrera.  She arrived very scared but now loves to be with other dogs, go on walks and have a chin tickle. ADOPTED

Mawi – a female galga, approx. 5 years old.  She came from an overcrowded rescue.   She is shy but we’re confident that she will come around given time and patience. ADOPTED

Mayte – a female galga, approx. 3 years old.  She took some time to be caught.  She is a little shy but better when she gets to know you.  She walks well on a lead but is on high alert.  She loves to be with other dogs.  Would need an experienced owner. ADOPTED


Orlando – a male galgo, approx. 2 years old.  He was dumped at a perrera by his hunter and GDS were able to take him.  He is a charming boy with lovely markings who couldn’t be sweeter. ADOPTED


Pandereta – a female galga, approx. 7 years old.  She was rescued near Murcia and wasn’t scared as she was caught by hand. She walks well on a lead, a confident girl and would probably be nice for a first time galgo owner. ADOPTED


Sponge Bob – a male galgo, approx. 5 years old.  He was rescued from the streets.   He is sweet with humans and dogs alike. ADOPTED

Tufty – a male galgo, approx. 2 years old.  He is very handsome and playful and gets along with males and females.  He is a cheeky boy who loves to run and play with other dogs.  He can be very shy so needs an experienced home with confident dogs. He has a raised patch of fur on the back of his neck – hence his name. ADOPTED

If you would like to sponsor our galgos, please contact Tracey on 01784 483206 or email or complete the sponsor form here (printable) or here (pdf).

If you would like to offer a home to one of our galgos please contact us by email – or by phone on 01784 483206