Our Galgos and Greyhounds


Galgos  peering out of their kennels

Our charity tries to help greyhounds everywhere including ex-racers here in the UK, but especially the dogs in Spain, the galgos (Spanish bred greyhounds). Since starting this work we have rescued and found homes for several thousand dogs with the help of many Spanish volunteers who carry out primary rescue work, and the homing groups and individuals in Europe, who, in sympathy with our work, are promoting adoption in their own countries.

These dogs are largely beyond the reach of other UK rescue groups who already have their hands full. Most of our rescues are homed in mainland Europe, but we bring a small percentage to the UK to help share the load.

All the galgos we rescue are tested for Leishmaniasis, Babesiosis, Heartworm and Ehrlichiosis which are diseases that occur in Mediterranean countries but are not commonly known or endemic in the UK. The tests we undertake are to ascertain whether an individual galgo is currently infected with this disease, but diagnosis can be challenging, and latent infections can be difficult to diagnose. Details of these diseases can be found in the library.

Please click on the links below to see the galgos available for rehoming in the UK, and the dogs currently in Spanish refuges being prepared for rehoming in mainland Europe.

The Galgos from Spain for homing in the UK and available for Sponsorship

The dogs in Spain being prepared for homing (not in the UK but in mainland Europe)

You can find out more about galgos as pets here. 

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