I have at last been given the opportunity to write the latest update myself……so here goes!

I have now been here since 22 January this year and I have really settled in well with Judy, Mark and the other five hounds. I love being fussed and tickled and adore any attention I am given –    rewarding whoever strokes me with a paw, a nudge and several kisses. I have also acquired a couple of nicknames – like most dogs do – one is Bam Bam (I think that is Barney Rubble’s daughter’s name in the Flintstones cartoon series?) and the other is Bambino – however, when this term is used it sounds more like Bambi “NO!” 

I always clean my bowl – and finish anything the others have left if I am allowed. However, as I have put on weight since coming here I am discouraged from eating more than I should. I am told I have an enviable figure and need to keep it that way.

I have taken over from Purdy where the postman, or any other callers at our house are concerned. In fact I am even more protective of my home than Purdy was. I am told that to be a good guard dog it’s quite enough to bark to alert Judy and Mark that there is someone at the door….not to whip myself up into a frenzy and become over-protective. …. So this ‘duty’ is a work in progress at the moment!

I only have one other small fault (that I will admit to) and that is pulling on the lead. I do wear a gentle leader which helps to curb my enthusiasm but where we dogs are walked, the area is full of fascinating smells. At night, various wild      animals come out to forage for food and play, and these creatures include badgers, foxes, rabbits, hedgehogs and muntjac deer. So……you can imagine the wealth of enticing scents for our keen ‘galgo’ noses to explore. Whereas racing greyhounds chase by sight –we Spanish greys are ‘hunting’ dogs and we walk along with our noses pressed firmly to the ground following the trails left by the various overnight visitors. Although the field where we are walked has mown paths, there are still large swathes of long grass harbouring the best smells. Whereas small dogs can’t even be seen in these areas – unfortunately we long  legged hounds are always visible so can’t disappear into the wilderness.  However, I look upon this ‘groundwork’ as valuable research in case David Attenborough decides to produce a second series of ‘Life in the Undergrowth!’ 

Well that’s about all from me and my first few months’ experience of ‘home life’.  I haven’t been threatened with a one way ticket back to Spain…yet – so it seems I have endeared myself to Judy and Mark sufficiently to have set my paws firmly under the table so to speak!!          

Best wishes             BAMBI