Life With Galgo Purdy

Purdy (Perla) originally from RECAL Almendralejo, now homed in Warwickshire

Life with a Galgo – Purdy part I

Hi everybody, this time it’s my turn to let you know what home life is like with Judy and Mark and their five other hounds. Just under six months from my arrival in Rugby – the house training issue was resolved. I no longer worry about ‘being watched’ when I go out into the garden – and because I am so easily distracted, the squirrel has had to temporarily forage elsewhere for sustenance! Maybe when I have been here a bit longer, although I will still be very interested to see our grey furry visitor – he won’t be quite such a distraction?? I will also now venture out even if it’s raining – whereas in the early days I would poke my nose out of the door and any drops of water I felt, would send me scurrying back indoors.

I go all through the night without needing to go out and enjoy sleeping in my comfy bed. However, If Mark lets us dogs out at 4.30am, just before he leaves for work – I make sure I am first back indoors and I commandeer Silky’s bed on the landing for a couple of hours before breakfast. Needless to say Silky takes a dim view of this but she doesn’t try to oust me!!

I absolutely adore my food and have my bowl in the lounge as I prefer not to be watched when I am eating. When I see that my meal is ready, I rush into the lounge to await my food but if it is a few seconds late in arriving – I rush back out again to see what is causing the ‘delay’! Not that I am impatient – you understand? I have an amazing skill in catching treats. I wasn’t taught to do this but I very seldom fail to catch small morsels that come my way – so much so that if a treat is thrown to another dog a little further away – I have a habit of ‘intercepting’ it as it’s about to go by me. This doesn’t go down well with the other hounds – whom, if I am honest, are useless at catching anything!

During the nice weather the back door is open all day so I can wander in and out at will. However, when I am called to come indoors, I respond immediately -perhaps it’s because I get a treat – but then again maybe it’s just because I am ‘obedient’? When it gets a bit chilly outside, I can stretch out on the futon in the conservatory – the sun streams in through the glass and it’s a great place for a cosy afternoon nap.

I am still very scared of strangers but it doesn’t bother Mark and Judy and they are happy to wait however long it takes for me to overcome my fear. All in all life is great – although I do find that being a supermodel is very demanding. I think I do my best although Judy would disagree! I know that I am not asked to pose for hours on end – just to look a bit ‘animated’ for a few minutes but concentration is not my strong point – except, that is, where the squirrel is concerned – then I will sit in the garden for long periods just watching the bushes in the hope he will appear.

But now it’s time for me to say ‘Goodbye’ and I hope that the other Spanish boys and girls awaiting homes will be as lucky and happy as I am.

Love from Purdy (aka Perla) 

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