In January 2023, it was Bambi’s first year enjoying home-life. From day one she was house-trained and has never put a foot wrong since.

However, like Purdy her predecessor, she is a ‘grass!’ Should any other dog take up residence in ‘her’ bed then we must be alerted so that the infiltrator can be ‘ousted’.

The main culprit is Sprocket, our (very) elderly lurcher from a NE dog pound. He seems to delight in making himself at home in any bed other than his own. This often puts the other dogs’ noses out of joint as rather than just settle in an unoccupied bed – of which there is no shortage – most of the hounds just stand there looking perplexed but not knowing how to get Sprocket to vacate ‘their’ bed. Bambi however, has no qualms about snitching on him….but if we don’t happen to be around to hear her tale of woe – then she just gets into the bed with Sprocket!

Bambi is still our No 1 guard dog and should anyone dare approach the house then they are met with a loud vocal warning and a frenzied bouncing up and down on the windowsill. Even our neighbours are not allowed visitors as Bambi’s warnings include any delivery vans or cars that dare to come down the road.  It’s just as well we live at the end of a cul-de-sac – at least we don’t get a steady stream of passing traffic!

Despite her faults – none of our hounds is perfect – she is a very loving and devoted companion.  She adores her food, gets on really well with the other five hounds and like the majority of canine companions, she just loves to cuddle up close and enjoy lots of fuss and attention.

Sprocket (left) and Bambi

Galga Bambi