Nuria of the Madrid-based Spanish association, Amigos de los Galgos, has put together a document in English, Spanish and French. She calls it ‘A Galgo’s Tale of Sorrow and Mourning’.

It documents some of the history of her involvement as volunteer caring about the galgos in Spain and she asks for your help in writing to key persons in Spain with influence. Readers too can use this document as evidence to spread the truth of what is truly happening in Spain by writing politely to your MEP, the Spanish Tourist Board, the Spanish Embassy in the UK or in whatever country you live in, insisting on a reply.

We in GIN have been wearing them down over many years, for 16 years in fact, and I do believe that we are coming closer to the Spanish authorities accepting that there is a problem….  ….I hear that Spanish TV have shown at least  two separate reports on the subject of galgo abuse in the last 10 days…indicating  that the Spanish media at last might be considering such items as newsworthy……….So there is hope…….

Nuria says:

‘I am sorry to expose you to these devastating images.

Again and again this story of sorrow is repeated day after day in Spain.

We still wonder ourselves, what have we done so far after our long struggles, battles and work on behalf of the galgos over the years trying to ameliorate their situation in Spain?  How can we change the national attitude towards galgos ? How can it be ended for ever?

Let´s knock down the WALL OF SILENCE  on the subject!  Let´s continue our fight!

Thank you from Spain for your cooperation’     Warning: It does include some disturbing pictures (2007)