Warning: these pictures are upsetting. http://www.galgosinfronteras.org

Cristina Garcia Moreno, of Galgos sin Fronteras in Madrid, has requested from us the following action. She says there is a new Minister of the Environment in Spain, Senora Cristina Narbona who cares about animals. Spain desperately needs a National Law of Protection of Animals to prevent cruelty to hunting, sporting, and abandoned dogs. The present national animal protection law in Spain only applies to pets.  Please write politely to Senora Narbona, thanking her for her concern, expressing your own feelings on seeing these pictures,(at the galgosinfronteras English site) and urging her to prohibit by law such acts of deliberate cruelty and violence as a matter of urgency before more appalling suffering to innocent creatures occurs in Spain. Please write to her at: ministra@mma.es