Simone - with leg injury from a trap


I hate to tell you how many hunting dogs in Spain I have seen with mangled legs like this one, caught in traps (and I do believe they are illegal), including my own galga, Jessa. The injuries are appalling. And of course we only see the ones that are rescued and survive. Whoever sees the hundreds, maybe thousands of poor animals, both dogs and other creatures, who are caught and die a slow excruciating death in these wicked traps which only a human with a warped evil mind could devise and use.

Protectora Kimba in Cadiz are very fraught at the moment with a massive amount of work, and yet they took on this poor dog from the awful dog pound in Villamartin, always packed with galgos with diseases through neglect, and injuries. Santiago their vet is needing to amputate Simone’s leg. When she has recovered, we will find her a loving home with rescue group in northern Europe.

If you would like to help Protectora Kimba with costs for Simone, I am sure they would be over the moon……..

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