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Merchandise Catalogue 2021

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Blue-Green Algae

What is Blue-Green Algae?Blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) are microscopic bacteria found in freshwater lakes, streams and ponds. They can produce toxins that affect people, livestock and pets that swim in and drink from the contaminated water. Blue - green...

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Alabama Rot

GIN has received the following information and advice from their vet regarding Alabama Rot:ALABAMA ROT Following the recent news on the BBC and in the papers about a mystery disease that has caused 17 dogs to die in the UK , we hope this information...

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Cold weather care for your galgo or greyhound

One thing that is often overlooked in dog care is how cold a house gets at night in winter when, as most people do, the heating is turned off.We humans are tucked under our duvets and fail to realise that the dog might be quite cold and unable to maintain...

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Caring for our Ageing Companions

As our beloved companions enter the latter stages of their life it is important to ensure they remain as healthy as possible. The following lists some important points that as owners we can help to ensure our beloved pets grow old with dignity:Vaccinate...

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Ageing pets; could my dog have dementia?

Now that our pets, due to improved veterinary and preventative health care, live rather longer than they used to, we will be seeing conditions associated more with age, like cancer, and even dementia.....Fiona, in Scotland, has four dogs, including a...

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Creeping Dandruff

Dog World, September 17 1999 - A Vet's View, by Steve DeanWhen I am desperate I always turn lo Jane Lilley, or rather to Living With Dogs, for inspiration. Recently she has been writing about cheyletiella. Looking back over past ramblings in AVV, I note...

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Drinking out of the magic well!

Gentlemen, replace the seat! How many times do wives tell their husbands this? Ever caught your dog drinking out of the loo? Of course he will if you give him the chance. Then he gives a kiss to the kids, AND he gets diarrhoea and goodness knows what else...

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Dental Disease

Vet’s Corner — Dental Disease It is estimated that 80% of dogs over the age of three have some form of dental disease. The normal mouth has white teeth and pink (or pigmented) gums which do not bleed when touched.Dental disease is initially invisible when...

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Natural Remedies

Sheila Cahill, a loyal supporter of ours, has written an account of the use of alternative therapies and natural remedies for use on your dogs. I summarise her article more briefly.We do not however in any way suggest or recommend that these cures and...

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