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Galgos to Slovenia 2020

We were pleased to hear from Nina of SASIN in Slovenia that she and her team had been able to go to Arca de Noe in Albacete to collect more galgos for homing. Many transports had to be postponed earlier this year due to the coronavirus situation, so it was good that...

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Galgos for France 2020

We were pleased to hear from Sole, Arca de Noe in Albacete, that 52 galgos have travelled to France to new homes. Le clan des levriers found great homes for 4 galgos and Levriers 74 found 48 very good families. We have been able to fund the veterinary costs for these...

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Life with a Galgo – Purdy part I

Hi everybody, this time it’s my turn to let you know what home life is like with Judy and Mark and their five other hounds. Just under six months from my arrival in Rugby – the house training issue was resolved. I no longer worry about ‘being watched’ when I go out...

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Memoirs of a Party Animal

MEMOIRS OF A PARTY ANIMAL – My Seven Decades in Animal Welfare by Angela Humphery (wife of our Trustee, Martin). Profits will go back into my animal welfare fund to help the 50 charities (including GIN) mentioned in the book and listed in the appendix with contact...

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Problems of the musculo-skeletal system

Greyhound trainers can be very expert in spotting and treating problems arising from old racing injuries. Greyhounds not only suffer leg injuries, but their necks and backs do take a beating too on the race track, for example at the pick up when dogs hurtle at high...

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Vet’s Corner – Raw Feed Diets: Friend or Foe?

The practice of feeding a raw meat-based diet has seen significant growth over the past decade. It is a subject that divides opinion, even in the veterinary industry, with varying arguments from nutritional implications to wider health impacts. The lack of any...

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Vet’s Corner—Ticks and tick-borne diseases

What is a tick, and where does it live? Ticks are parasites that need to consume blood from a host animal to survive. They split their time between grassy environments and feeding on host animals (such as dogs, birds and humans). The adult, nymphal and larval stages...

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Vet’s Corner – Blue-Green Algae

What is Blue-Green Algae? Blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) are microscopic bacteria found in freshwater lakes, streams and ponds. They can produce toxins that affect people, livestock and pets that swim in and drink from the contaminated water. Blue - green algae will...

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Vet’s Corner — Getting through Firework Season

While many of us look forward to bonfire night and fireworks season, this can be a very stressful time for our pets. Around 80% of pet owners have had a pet that is afraid of fireworks. This fact sheet is designed to help you make this time a little easier for your...

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Vet’s Corner — Canine Osteoarthritis: Q & A

What is Osteoarthritis and Why is My Dog Affected? Osteoarthritis is a degenerative problem that affects one or more of the joints in the body. Commonly affected joints include the hips, elbows and stifles. Symptoms of osteoarthritis are joint pain and stiffness,...

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Vet’s Corner – Alabama Rot

GIN has received the following information and advice from their vet regarding Alabama Rot: Following the recent news on the BBC and in the papers about a mystery disease that has caused 17 dogs to die in the UK , we hope this information provides some peace of mind....

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Vet’s Corner – Heart Disease in Dogs

Heart disease comes in many forms, but the two main categories would be acquired and congenital disease. Congenital disease is where a heart problem is present from birth whereas acquired disease occurs later in life. This article will discuss acquired heart disease...

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The Galgo situation in Spain – ADANA

We are very aware that much of the help we are able to give to the shelters in Spain, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, is at best first aid. Our education programme is very much a long-term project but like many charities we feel that education is the way...

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Our Work in Spain 08.10.11

Over the last six months we have been doing a lot of work on the Educational programme. We have been very grateful for all the help and support we have had from Sam and Emma, the education consultants. More copies of the booklet are being printed – this has been...

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