The Greyhound Adopt Centre Italy (GACI) have been busy this year finding homes for more lucky greyhounds and galgos.  They have taken hundreds of galgos from Arca de Noe in Albacete over the years and we are pleased to support their amazing work.

Please take a look at the videos below showing their arrival in Modena.

In January, 17 galgos arrived in Modena

In February, 19 ex-racing greyhounds from Ireland arrived to their new families in Modena.

The team at Arca de Noe, Albacete have also been busy preparing 19 galgos for their new homes in France, thanks to Lev-74.

Also 16 galgos recently left the shelter for homes in Slovenia, thanks to Nina and her team at SASIN.   Bimba, Eva, Loca and Rula were on this transport.   Rula had been at the shelter for over a year, she was so scared when she arrived there but with lots of TLC she gained her confidence and is now able to enjoy her new life.




Rula now in Slovenia