Instagram and Facebook

Instant coffee, yes but Instant Gram?? I had heard the younger family members talking about it, using it and showing photos but me?? These thoughts shot through my brain as, once again, I gingerly put my hand up at a GIN Trustees’ meeting, volunteering to set GIN up on Instagram.

I have to confess that the first thing the family did was to correct me on the name – Instagram NOT Instant Gram!! Lesson one!!

I have never seen a keyboard clicked so fast as I did when I asked for help with the setting up! I could not keep up! In what seemed the blink of a couple of hours or less GIN had its own Instagram account and photos were being added. A very big thank you to the family!

What seemed a social media mystery to me is now a likeable friend. Since setting up in the Spring we now have 110 followers, 132 following us and have added 33 photos. We have Instagram followers in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, which is fantastic. Instagram is a great way for people to learn about GIN, see our photos and support us. It is also a super way to see the lovely photos and captions that other Instagram users post of their hounds. A hound community! Instagram is also a good way to learn of other charities who are working tirelessly to save and rehome dogs from terrible conditions and death around the world.

Facebook is now well established in GIN. We currently have 12,275 “likes”. Ricky Gervais recently agreed to be a GIN Patron which has added thousands of new followers to our Facebook page.

If you use Instagram, Facebook or know someone who does, please look Greyhounds in Need up and follow or “like” us. If you would like photos of your galgos or greys to be posted, please send them to HQ -

or post them yourselves on Instagram with a link to Greyhounds in Need.

Our precious galgos and greys need all the help and support they can get!

Thank you,

Christine, GIN Trustee