Dogs for Sponsorship for Greyhounds in Need

The sponsorship scheme has been hugely successful and has helped this charity to continue to bring a few galgos into this country for adoption. When our UK supporters (who bring in the charity’s major funding) meet these lovely dogs and learn of their history, it stimulates interest and support for these poor Spanish bred greyhounds and enables us to expand our rescue and adoption work for them abroad which has always been on a very much larger scale than we can do here in the UK. The major part of GIN’s funds go to financing the rescue, rehabilitation and transport of Spanish galgos and greyhounds to safety and to homes with associations and sympathisers in Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and other countries of northern and central Europe. The UK sponsorship scheme is one of the catalysts that help raise the funds for this work.

Galgos for Sponsorship:


Tizona, a black female galga. She is approx. 5˝ years old. She was handed in to the RECAL shelter by her hunter owner. She is shy with people but gets on well with other dogs. ADOPTED
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Aliseda is around 10 years old and was found roaming the streets in Almendralejo. She has some scars from her hunting days but is very friendly. She is as keen as any of the galgos to go for her walks and she is good on a lead. She often puts her head on you and loves her head rubbed. She is kennelled with Orion at the moment and they get on well even though he is a lively boy. We feel she would be alright as an only dog or homed with another dog or dogs. She just needs to find her forever home now with a nice bed…….or sofa! ADOPTED
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Orion is just over a year old. He is black with some white on his chest. He is a lovely looking dog and loves everyone. He doesn’t seem to have any fears. He is young and playful, he will jump up when he gets excited and to get some more fuss. He is good with people and other dogs, he walks quite well on a lead. He came from the streets and was taken in by RECAL in Almendralejo. He really needs a home where someone has time to spend with him and once his recall training is done and it is safe to let him off lead he will be able to run off some of his energy. He could be homed with another dog but it would need to be a confident dog who could cope with a young dog.
Apolo is a male galgo, approx. 5˝ years old. He was found in the streets of Almendralejo. He is nice with people and good with other dogs. ADOPTED
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Dama, a lovely female galga, approx. 4 years old. She is a little shy with people and will need time to learn to trust again. She is good with other dogs. She was handed in to the shelter in Almendralejo. ADOPTED
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Pantera is a lovely black female, approximately six years old. She is a little shy with people at first and although she walks well on a lead she is wary of new surroundings. She had a damaged tail in Spain and had to have a small piece removed but it has healed well. She gets on well with other dogs and would probably do better in a home with another more confident dog to help her overcome her shyness. She was handed in to the shelter by her hunter owner.
Sofia - Pictures by and (c) Liz Coleman


Please read about how last September's galgos have been homed.

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If you would like to sponsor our galgos, please contact Carolyn or Tracey on 01784 483206 or email or complete the sponsor form here (html) or here (pdf).

If you would like to offer a home to one of our galgos please contact us by email – or by phone on 01784 483206