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Report on the III Congress of Animal Law of Extremadura, 26th-27th May in Badajoz

In general, we are very happy with the outcome of the Congress because it has been the big opportunity to finally open the doors with Badajoz City Council.

We’ve been trying for years to get them to see that our projects are the result of works and collaborations which are doing very well in other cities and the simple fact that they welcomed us was a miracle.

This congress and the two previous ones have convinced them that these are serious and necessary proceedings from the outset to protect and defend animals and that ADANA is a serious organisation.

Agustin Mansilla Zambrano has organised all the congresses together with the School of Lawyers of Badajoz.

Agustin is a member of ADANA and a collegiate lawyer. He has represented ADANA in all trials attended with magnificent results.

We’ve had many problems with this congress to agree a definite date. Although initially the School of Lawyers seemed happy with all the proposals we made, every time we proposed a date it was not convenient for them and this made it very difficult to organise the speakers and, of course, to spread the word so that as many interested people as possible could attend.

I’m not going to go into detail because it has been really extremely disagreeable and many times we felt like throwing in the towel but we have to say that one of the reasons the congress was finally held was thanks to the insistence and help from GIN.

Despite this, there were 36 registrations. People came from Asturias, Madrid, Andalucía and different areas of Extremadura and we counted on the Mayor who opened the congress and this would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

All the speakers were exceptional and they literally had to throw us out of the meeting room because it was so interesting and we didn’t want it to end.

The attendees participated like never before and many stayed for the dinner in order to continue talking, exchanging experiences, opinions and contact numbers for the future.

It’s clear that to organise a congress like that every year is very complicated. The speakers’ diaries are already almost full for the year but we want to have a meeting to discuss just this topic when we return from holidays.

There are many things we have to improve but we all agree that this has been the best congress out of the three.



Visit to Spain – June 2017

It was a privilege to travel with Martin, Leigh and Carolyn to meet the dedicated people running rescue and rehoming shelters for galgos in southern Spain, and see some of the vital work that the charity supports and funds.

Our first stop was at Arca de Noé in Albacete where our wonderful host Sole and her team of staff and volunteers showed us the improvements that GIN supporters have made possible.

We saw the updated veterinary clinic, where dogs can be treated more easily on site, and neutering operations carried out with less stress to the animals.

New insulated galgo kennel blocks help keep the dogs cool in the blistering summer heat, while underfloor heating will keep them cosy during the winter months.

There are also now solid pathways between the runs. Shelter workers previously had to cope with walkways made of old wooden pallets that were sinking into the mud.

Improved security measures mean the height of the wall around the centre has been raised significantly. Previously, galgos were simply being dumped over the wall of the shelter.

The centre rehomes more than 100 galgos a year in Italy, while others travel to France, Germany and Slovenia. A new air-conditioned van funded by GIN supporters will help keep dogs more comfortable during transport runs.

We also met a group of around 45 school students from a nearby village who were taking part in the centre's education programme, which aims to raise awareness of the plight of the galgos in Spain.

With enthusiastic help from three of the centre's gorgeous galgos, the students had a chance to see how these dogs could be loving friends and companions, rather than chattels to be discarded at the end of the hunting season.

GIN has funded a new education and exercise area at the shelter so groups of children like these from nearby schools can visit on a regular basis. The charity has also developed a new education website with downloadable guides and activities for use in classes.

Volunteers at Arca de Noé told us how just 10 years ago, it was practically unheard of to see someone walking along the local streets with a pet galgo. Now, it was becoming a more common sight - a testament to the work of the staff and volunteers at both this and other rescue shelters.

We next travelled to Tobarra to meet Camille, who with her mother Margaret, runs the APA Santa Clara dog shelter. This centre takes in strays and abandoned dogs, including many galgos, and finds homes for them in the nearby area and beyond.

One of the first things we saw was a litter of around nine galgo puppies, who had been rescued after being abandoned in a cave.

The dedication and hard work of the shelter volunteers was clear, but Camille showed us some of the problems they faced on their current site - makeshift runs and shelters cobbled together from old pallets and beds, erratic water supply, and rat and mouse problems. Added to that, the current owner of the land they were using was planning to sell up in the near future.

GIN is hoping to help the mother and daughter team with some funding towards the building of a new shelter on land nearby, with purpose-built runs and dedicated galgo blocks.

Our final visit was to Galgos del Sol near Murcia, where Tina and her team run an impressive shelter that has been supported by GIN for some years now. Many improvements had been made since GIN last visited the site, which can now house more than 100 galgos, as well as podencos and other breeds.

We saw the two new kennel blocks, newly built office, new exercise area and the on-site accommodation for volunteers, some of whom had travelled from as far away as the USA to help out at the centre.

It was both inspiring to see the wonderful work done by the staff and volunteers at the shelters in Spain, and heartbreaking to see how cruelly treated some of the dogs had been before being rescued.

But, most of all, it brought home how much they all still need our support.

Lynn Jackson, GIN Bournemouth Shop Manager


112 Carlota Galgos, Malaga

We continue to support Charlotte at 112carlottagalgos and have been able to pay the veterinary costs for more galgos she has been able to help. Cupid and Mama Saphire are reserved but the other galgos will need to spend time with Charlotte before they can be homed.

Poem  Cupid

Mama Sapphire



Cherub Malibu 



Greyhounds in Need Summer Raffle - Reminder

PLEASE DON’T FORGET to send back your raffle stubs before the draw on the 28th July, 2017. These should be sent to us at Greyhounds in Need, 5A, 80 High Street, Egham, Surrey, TW20 59HE.

Thank you.

As a reminder...

1st Prize – £500
2nd Prize – £250
3rd Prize – £50


May and June transportations

May and June have been two busy months with many transportations taking place to move the greyhounds and galgos before it becomes too hot to transport them.

Seven galgos (Angela, Delhi, Kiwi, March, Rosa, Sevi and Vico) left Arca de Noe, Albacete for homes in France, thanks to CREL. Blanca, Boriana, Brayan, Britany, Buffy, Celina and Pimienta also left Arca de Noe, Albaete for their new homes in Slovenia, thanks to Nina and all at SASIN.

Seventeen galgos left Arca de Noe for homes in Italy, thanks to GACI and they were joined by Rocky and Rain from ADANA, Badajoz. You can see their arrival in Italy here:

Seventeen greyhounds left the UK for homes in France thanks to Catherine Madry and all at Levriers en Detresse.

Twenty two greyhounds left Ireland for homes in Italy thanks to GACI. You can see their arrival here:


We have been able to fund veterinary costs and some transport costs for the above and without the good co-operation we have with the shelters in Spain and the adoption groups in mainland Europe, and the tremendous support we receive from our supporters we would not be able to do this work, so a very big THANK YOU to everyone.


Cali making friends in Italy Ben, originally from Albacete, with his new friend in Italy

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