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Can you offer a home to Sofia or Allegro?

Allegro (left) and Sofia

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Ela or Shiva are still waiting to be adopted...

Can you offer a home to Ela - more information on Ela Can you offer a home to Shiva - more information on Shiva

Visit to Romania

As I indicated in the last Newsletter, I and my wife accompanied Alison Standbridge, the founder of PAWS2RESCUE on a short visit to Romania in late May.

The purpose was to see something of welfare conditions in Romania and of the hugely difficult rescue and rehoming efforts of Alison and her helpers.

It is difficult to describe the appalling suffering of the thousands of stray dogs in Romania. I thought I had some acquaintance with such scenes from our work in Spain. I can only say that what I saw in Romania will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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Greyhounds in Need Summer Raffle - Results

We would like to thank all involved for once again supporting our summer raffle which, with tickets and linked donations, brought in around £2,300.00.
Tracey and Geraldine, at HQ, week after week, meticulously logged all the responses, and Matthew Field of D.F. Glass Designs in Egham, kindly drew the winning tickets —

First Prize — £500 – Mrs C. Wright, Sussex
Second Prize – £250 – Mrs J. Martin, East Sussex
Third Prize — £ 50 – Mrs O. Cannan, Devon

There were also runner up prizes to entries from Surrey, East Sussex, Shropshire and Essex.

A big THANK YOU from all of us at GIN to all of you who responded so generously to our raffle, making it a great success.

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Report on the III Congress of Animal Law of Extremadura, 26th-27th May in Badajoz

In general, we are very happy with the outcome of the Congress because it has been the big opportunity to finally open the doors with Badajoz City Council.

We’ve been trying for years to get them to see that our projects are the result of works and collaborations which are doing very well in other cities and the simple fact that they welcomed us was a miracle.

This congress and the two previous ones have convinced them that these are serious and necessary proceedings from the outset to protect and defend animals and that ADANA is a serious organisation.

Agustin Mansilla Zambrano has organised all the congresses together with the School of Lawyers of Badajoz.

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Visit to Spain – June 2017

It was a privilege to travel with Martin, Leigh and Carolyn to meet the dedicated people running rescue and rehoming shelters for galgos in southern Spain, and see some of the vital work that the charity supports and funds.

Our first stop was at Arca de Noé in Albacete where our wonderful host Sole and her team of staff and volunteers showed us the improvements that GIN supporters have made possible.

We saw the updated veterinary clinic, where dogs can be treated more easily on site, and neutering operations carried out with less stress to the animals.

New insulated galgo kennel blocks help keep the dogs cool in the blistering summer heat, while underfloor heating will keep them cosy during the winter months.

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112 Carlota Galgos, Malaga

We continue to support Charlotte at 112carlottagalgos and have been able to pay the veterinary costs for more galgos she has been able to help. Cupid and Mama Saphire are reserved but the other galgos will need to spend time with Charlotte before they can be homed.

Poem  Cupid

Mama Sapphire


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May and June transportations

May and June have been two busy months with many transportations taking place to move the greyhounds and galgos before it becomes too hot to transport them.

Seven galgos (Angela, Delhi, Kiwi, March, Rosa, Sevi and Vico) left Arca de Noe, Albacete for homes in France, thanks to CREL. Blanca, Boriana, Brayan, Britany, Buffy, Celina and Pimienta also left Arca de Noe, Albaete for their new homes in Slovenia, thanks to Nina and all at SASIN.

Seventeen galgos left Arca de Noe for homes in Italy, thanks to GACI and they were joined by Rocky and Rain from ADANA, Badajoz. You can see their arrival in Italy here: