The story of Valiente – peace at last (10.11.01)

This young galgo was found in an abandoned house by Cristina Garcia Moreno of PROA organisation Madrid, who had been alerted that a stray galgo was in that area in a distressed state.

Cristina found the poor dog in a starved weak condition, unable to stand up properly, and being eaten alive by rats. It seemed that he had been probably been hit by a car and suffered a fracture of his foot and other injuries and found shelter in this disused building. Cristina took him to her home and of course to her vet who is Dutch. He stayed there for four weeks and was treated and he gained in strength. Meanwhile, Cristina mailed many contacts abroad to ask for help.

We, along with several others, donated some financial help towards Valiente’s medical care and for his future salvation.

A kind family in Germany offered him a home and this weekend, Cristina is there taking Valiente to his new home in the very north, to Eutin.

Next we hope to hear the full story from Cristina herself with pictures I hope of how Valiente is now.

We in GIN are waiting to receive two more galgos, Huerto and Marfil, from Cristina, into quarantine premises kindly offered at discount price by Nottingham International kennels who incidentally look after 20 greyhounds for the Retired Greyhound Trust.

She hopes to fly with them to Manchester soon.