the greyhound with some of his cousins at Tammsvik

Breed descriptions by courtesy of Espen Engh from Part 1 and Part 1V of Ringpress’s wonderful book “The Ultimate Greyhound” ed. Mark Sullivan, available from GIN @ £25 plus postage. Anne contributed Part 111- The Retired Greyhound.

The Show Greyhound; Untuva (Feather), born in Finland.
The proud king of dogs… used for many centuries for hunting down hares and other prey.

The Feathered Saluki; Miranda, born in Sweden.
Known as the ‘gazelle hound’, this is a dog of grace and symmetry.

The Smooth Saluki; Myrant, born in Sweden
Known as the ‘gazelle hound’, this is a dog of grace and symmetry.

The Italian Greyhound; Cassidy, born in South Africa
A greyhound in minature.

The Scottish Deerhound; Denise, born in Sweden
A dog with speed, power and endurance to pull down a stag.

The Whippet: Samson, born in Sweden
Efficient rabbit hunter and known as the ‘poor man’s racehorse’

The Afghan Hound; Domino coloured Jesse, born in Norway
Strong and dignified, the breed has a very characteristic gait.

The Chart Polski; Toivo (Hope), born in Finland
The Polish hound, a powerful dog with a sturdy frame.

The Soughi; Soot, born in Sweden
A breed that originated in the Orient.

The Pharoah Hound; Thirit, born in Sweden
Hunts by scent and sight, as well as making use of its large ears.

The Borzoi; Ice, born in Sweden
The Russian hunting dog.

The Galgo Espanol; Christine, born in Sweden
Robust and agile… hunted boar as well as coursing hares.

Cirneco Dell’Etna; Alanzo, male pup born in Sweden
Used for hunting wild rabbits in Sicily.

The Irish Wolfhound; Coffee & Yeager, Norw./Swed bred
The largest of the sighthounds.

The Azawakh; Riyad, born in Finland
Companion and hunting dog of the nomads.