Dave the greyhound found starving on the streets

The plight of the greyhounds: Some 14,000 greyhounds are bred every year in Ireland. Annually, 1000 are exported to Spain; 9000 to Britain and other countries where animals are treated poorly. Britain breeds an additional 5000 greyhounds annually. It is not difficult to calculate that well over 12,000 greyhounds are replaced each year in the racing industry which means the same number become retired and unwanted.

Some finish up in deplorable circumstances. Dave (Hillview John) raced at Hackney and was found (in the picture to the right) like this wandering the streets of Blackpool.

Many hard-working greyhound lovers find caring homes for retired greyhounds, but we cannot possibly find enough homes for all of them.

Dave found a home with Americans in Germany.

Dave the greyhound in his new home




Over 100 retired greyhounds went to American Forces in Germany between 1994 and 1995 and then to the USA.