An Educational Video in Spanish: ‘El Cuidado Del Galgo De Carreras’ (The Care of the Racing Greyhound)

In an effort to ameliorate the harsh, outdated conditions under which the greyhounds exported to Spain for track racing live, Anne ‘faute de mieux’, created this video:

It took her 2 years of research, filming and editing to make. It was completed in 1996 and 1000 copies were distributed, mostly free of charge, to trainers, handlers, owners of greyhounds and to the hunters, breeders and owners of galgos.

In 7 chapters it outlines in utmost detail, in Spanish, every aspect of greyhound care from cradle to grave, including breeding, rearing, schooling, racing, general and particular greyhound veterinary care, physiotherapy, and finally retirement. To make it entertaining it contains nice music, at one point with Anne herself as pianist!

We sell it at cost to the Federacion Espanola Galgos who market it all over Spain and we are pleased to say that it is still in demand.

A book of the spoken commentary throughout comes with it in Spanish and English. Copies of the DVD are available to welfare workers at a cost of £10 each.

Read the commentary (Spanish) – click the link below  (PDF file)