A supporter of GIN has made us aware of this group. The galgos are not an aggressive breed but many can be timid, nervous, anxious and need time to gain their confidence again. Walking nervous dogs can be challenging. This group offer support to owners of all breeds often giving advice and information on people in your area who can help. Please take a look at their Facebook page.

Reactive Dogs (UK)

This group is for UK owners of reactive/yellow dogs that need emotional and practical support with the day to day challenge of everything that comes with owning a reactive dog. It provides support and guidance towards relevant advice.

We intend to help all owners of dogs that are reactive have a life they love with their dog. We can help find an appropriate qualified trainer or behaviourist to work with you and your dog. We can help you find safe spaces for you and your reactive dog to enjoy play, training and walks and more over we are here to share your journey with you – the ups and downs – the emotional support within this group is nothing short of amazing. The group is run by qualified trainers to ensure everyone gets the right advice to help them and their dog.

New Website: https://www.rduk.online/

To join the Facebook group simply login to Facebook and search for Reactive Dogs (UK). Then click the ‘join’ button.

They are also campaigning for safe and secure spaces for individual dog training and rehabilitation with local councils. Poole is the pilot project but they are helping others do it in their areas. They have a national petition https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/safer-communities-for-everyone.html asking people to sign and comment on, to give us all supporting evidence that there is a real need for these spaces.

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