Over the last six months we have been doing a lot of work on the Educational programme. We have been very grateful for all the help and support we have had from Sam and Emma, the education consultants.

More copies of the booklet are being printed – this has been slightly amended and now includes the logos of the groups in Spain who are already using these materials in their areas.

Mada of RECAL has organised visits by local schoolchildren to the shelter and they have gone really well. Recent painting work on the shelter has helped make it a more appealing place to visit and fun for the children.

We are now finalising the CD-ROM of the Educational booklet – this is being put together in a powerpoint presentation which can be used in schools – we are all excited about this and have enjoyed “testing” the games and other fun activities contained in the programme.

We now have another logo – “Ginny – the galga”- she is featured on the disc again to make it interesting to the children and we are now selling children’s T-shirts with this logo which we hope will prove a popular item both here and in Spain. Please visit our shop.

This resource has now been loaded onto the Times Education Supplement (TES: www.tes.co.uk ) which offers a free resource bank to teachers. This is a fantastic opportunity for GIN to both raise awareness for the charity and the education resource as TES has an international audience.

For more information about the shelters in question, please see www.asociacion-recal.blogspot.com and http://fepaex.blogspot.com.