Memoirs of a Party Animal – My Seven Decades in Animal Welfare by Angela Humphery (wife of our Trustee, Martin).

“Loved animals from the day I was born and held first fundraiser aged 10 for the PDSA. Now 84 just self-published 1st/last book MEMOIRS OF A PARTY ANIMAL – MY SEVEN DECADES IN ANIMAL WELFARE, an auto-biog. full of animal anecdotes, funny/sad, on many species , collected over 30 years as a travel writer/photographer. See reviews on and Youtube video of Peter Egan reading MEMOIRS…..all dosh goes to animal charities.”

Memoirs of a Party Animal - a book by Angela HumpheryProfits will go back into Angela’s animal welfare fund to help the 50 charities (including GIN) mentioned in the book and listed in the appendix with contact details and mission statements.

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Amazon Reviews: 

5.0 out of 5 stars Humbling, enraging, inspiring
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 July 2015

Engrossing. So moving and so much more than I thought it would be.
I was slightly misled by that title and thought it would be
mostly about the very sociable Angela’s travels. Instead it’s
about the animal cruelty she encountered on her travels – sometimes
as a journalist, sometimes as a tourist – and what she did about
it. We all – well, I – tend to say how shocking it is to hear that this or
that appalling cruelty is done to them, but Angela has taken practical steps to
put an end to that cruelty. She spells it all out very
simply and clearly, each sad horror , and you end the book
just wanting to cheer her and join each and every organisation
she’s involved with to help put an end to the miserable barbarity.
It’s the bile bears whose situation is most bleak: 30 years of
agony at idiot human hands.

5.0 out of 5 stars and better still, all profits go to animal charities
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 January 2015
Fascinating book by Angela Humphery who really knows her stuff. She’s been raising funds and campaigning against animal cruelty for her whole life, from age 9 – 84, all over the world, for every sort of animal: bears, rhinos, dogs, horses, you name it, she’s done it, which makes for a colourful book which is both heart-breaking and inspiring at once. She writes in a straightforward fairly blunt way about the horrors she encounters, which is distressing, but also describes the brave and ceaseless work done by animal rescuers. It’s a world view of the way humans treat animals, which thankfully leaves us with some faith in humanity, and better still, all profits go to animal charities.