For some time we have known that a particularly cruel method of “training” galgos has been in use by Spanish hunters, called galgueros. This barbaric practice involves attaching dogs to a motor cycle or car by a rope, and driving off, leaving the unfortunate galgos to keep up or be dragged along behind.

Until now, this form of barbarism has been regarded as abuse, even in Spain.

Imagine, therefore, our horror on hearing that the Regional Government of Andalucia has legalised this terrible “training” method, subject only to a set of ludicrously unenforceable regulations. These, unbelievably, include a minimum age for dogs of only six months and a speed limit of 15 kph over a distance of 8 km.

This heartless piece of legislation is backed, would you believe, by research carried out by the Hunting and Fishing Dept of the University of Cordoba. We have called for the research paper and, predictably, been met by a blank refusal.

Here is a translation of the final sentence in the press release from the Regional Government:

“We must congratulate ourselves on this great work carried out in favour of the galgueros and this success is down to the unity and commitment of everyone involved”.

At this point words will fail you, to be overtaken by blind fury!

Finally, here are a couple of extracts from a letter from the Spanish Embassy in London, responding to a letter kindly sent by the Chief Executive of Dogs Trust, at our request:

“The Government of Andalucia expresses its utmost respect for the welfare of animals in general”

“This practice complies with article 4 of Act 11/2003 so that no unjustified suffering or harm is caused to dogs”

In the face of such blind stupidity, one feels like giving up hitting one’s head against a brick wall. However, with your help, we will continue to fight the battle, together with our dedicated friends in Spain .