As mentioned earlier on our website in the Defra quarantine article the government has decided to end the current quarantine requirements from 1st January 2012.

This has come about because the “derogation” under which the UK is permitted to opt out of the EU regulation requiring free movement of people and goods between Member States expires at the end of 2011.

This means that GIN will no longer have to put our Galgos into quarantine kennels for six months. The only requirement will be that dogs coming into the UK must be vaccinated against rabies.

While this is, on the face of it, good news. We are very concerned that GIN should continue careful checking of dogs for adoption in this country, both in respect of potential diseases and of their behavioural characteristics, including suitability of homing with children and other animals.

We have decided that we will continue to carry out stringent health checking and that we will kennel all incoming dogs for at least four weeks, on their arrival in the UK, so that they can be properly assessed before being adopted.

Our very heavy costs for veterinary care and transport will therefore continue and in some cases dogs will need longer than 4 weeks in our care before release.

For these reasons we will continue to run our sponsorship scheme and hope that our kind supporters will continue their sponsorship of these rescued dogs during their time in Spain and the UK kennels.

GIN has brought many Galgos and greyhounds to the UK over the years and aims to continue its standard of care for these much abused dogs.