We last visited Vera, at her old kennels, in 2012. At her new kennels she is able to help more galgos and as soon as we arrived there were lots of them waiting to say hello. They all looked happy and Vera told us that homing was going well.

We are able to offer funding for veterinary costs for many of the galgos that Vera helps and we are also funding transport costs for the galgos going to Belgium for homing by Harvey and Greyhounds Rescue Belgium.

Vera homes some galgos to the USA and told us that she has managed to home a few galgos locally, like the two in the photo below left, who will be leaving for their new homes soon.

Vera has now been offered some land by the town council and we were able to view this when we visited. The plot is in the mountains away from residential properties and has many possibilities. There is a lot of work to do moving the current kennels etc. to the new location and Vera will need some help setting this up. We have asked her to keep us informed and we hope we can help her with this new project in the near future.