Identifying your greyhound – ear tattoos

English bred greyhounds will have ear tattoos usually consisting of three letters and a figure in the right ear. The figure denotes the number of the pup in the litter. If the number in the letter litter is more than nine, another letter will be used.

Tattoos in one ear only – Three letters + one number e.g. ABC 1

Litters over eight pups – Three letters + one letter e.g. ABC A

First letter indicates year of whelp:- eg

T,U,V = 1997

Irish bred greyhounds have green tattoo marks in both  ears, two letters in the right ear and three letters in the left.

Three letters – left ear e.g. AAA

Two letters – right ear e.g. BB

First letter in right ear indicates year of whelp: eg

Y = 2001

The following letters and number are not used in earmarks: C, F, G, O, W and 5.

Rarely there can be a combination of both types of tattoos if an Irish dog is reared and registered in the UK or the other way round. The approximate age of the dog can be read from these tattoos.

It is important first to contact your adopting group before delving into your dog’s history, as the origin of your dog may be sensitive.

Once your adopting group has given you the all clear to check out these details, the English and Irish Stud Books hold information on the name and whelping date, but should not reveal the name of the registered owner.

English Stud Book, UK (01638 667381)
16, Clocktower Mews, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8LL

Irish Stud Book, Eire (00 353 526122611-namings)
Irish Coursing Club, Davis Street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Eire.