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  “Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to a man.
Just as one wants happiness and fears pain,
just as one wants to live and not die,
so do other creatures.”
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Ghost Dogs - Painting by Netty Shone

                                                                                                    Ghost Dogs – Painting by Netty Shone


This area is dedicated to every greyhound who suffers or has suffered injury, neglect, cruelty, psychological trauma, or violent death, directly or indirectly at the hands of humans. Lest we forget, lest we lose sight of our priorities, lest we falter or tire in our efforts to improve the quality of the lives of greyhounds everywhere, we take the liberty of sharing with you the sight of their afflictions, wounds, and their bodies.

These photos were taken in the Medina del Campo area, near Valladolid, by Fermin Perez of Scooby Association with whom ‘Greyhounds in Need’ works to rescue the greyhounds of Spain. Fermin and his helpers do everything in their power to give medical and loving care to every wounded or sick animal who comes into their hands. Some were already found dead, some died later, despite our efforts, some were restored to health, and some have even made it already to the beds and sofas of loving homes in northern Europe.


When the hunting season finishes each year in January, the Galgueros (owners of the greyhounds) may not want to keep their greyhounds for the nine months up until the new season starts again in the following September. They have already bred new pups for the following season’s hunting. Consequently, there is wholesale abandonment of greyhounds from January onwards, which runs into thousands all over Spain. The worst areas are in Castilla y Leon, Madrid, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Granada, Extremadura and Cuenca. Furthermore, during the season itself, if a greyhound becomes “sucio” (literally dirty), that is, the dog is disqualified because of following the circles of the hare it cuts across and takes the shortest route, traditionally, the hunter says ‘ese no come mas en mi casa’, (this dog can no longer eat in my house) and the dog may be hanged in the most torturous way possible to restore the fallen pride of the owner. It is this wicked tradition that we dedicate ourselves to bringing to an end. We do this by means of education, public awareness, use of the media, and by offering the alternative of bringing the dog to Scooby’s refuge.


We regret to say the above photographs represent only a fraction of the tragic material gathered since Fermin started his work for greyhounds in February 1997. The hanging of greyhounds has decreased dramatically in the Medina del Campo areas but instead, Scooby received this year 300 unwanted greyhounds into their refuge in the two months following the end of the hunting season. The hanging of greyhounds elsewhere in Spain continues albeit less conspicuously in some areas. Animal Welfare Groups and the Guardia Civil say that it is continuing but has gone underground.

Our solution is:

1. To offer sanctuary to unwanted greyhounds as an alternative in the interim.

2. To lobby the Regional Ministers of Agriculture to, in the first place accept that such atrocities happen, and in the second place, to address the problems of:-

a. over breeding of greyhounds.
b. lack of animal welfare considerations in the use of dogs in sport or hunting.
c. financing of refuges or euthanasia of unwanted dogs.
d. promoting education and publicity material on the humane treatment of animals and the awareness of them as sentient beings.

3. To lobby the Regional Ministries of Justice to enforce the many existing laws in Spain concerned with the protection of animals. Laws exist but they are not enforced.

Please write to the Spanish Ambassador in your country, making sure to ask for a response. By all means, send print-offs of this site.

Two sample letters (in Spanish, English, French, German and Dutch / Flemish) are elsewhere on our site for your guidance and use.


Help Scooby and GIN continue the work for these blighted dogs. We are both very small charities and have to do this work in our spare time as we need our jobs to subsidise the costs. We may be short of time and money, but we are not short of dedication, perseverance, and love for these animals.

Out of the Darkness and into the LIGHT. One - step - at - a - time.

Out of the Darkness and into the LIGHT.
One – step – at – a – time.

Anne Finch
Founder of Greyhounds in Need