We last visited this shelter in 2011 and on our recent visit could see how much work the volunteers have carried out over the last three years. They help all breeds and currently have 90 galgos, some they are getting ready for the next transport to Italy.

Last year we were able to offer funding towards the building costs to heighten the shelter wall and also the costs involved in installing security lighting. This has been successful and prevented break ins and stopped many dogs from being thrown over the shelter wall.

We were also able to offer funding for the purchase of a fully equipped van to enable safe transportation of the many dogs that leave the shelter for homes in other countries. They had an old small van but had to hire vans to carry out large transports, this was costly and not without problems.

Sole, at the shelter, wrote to us after the last trip to Italy ………………..

Dear Carolyn. The trip to Italy went very well!!!! The volunteers who were driving were very excited with the new van and they were writing me every hour to say, everything is perfect!!! The temperature, the air, the speed… …everything!!!!! I am so happy!!! The temperature control is perfect. It is so good to know that all the dogs travel in good conditions. Before, I was always very worried for the cold or heat. Now, no more…

The new galgo kennel block we were able to fund last year has been well used and the galgos loved the new heated area. They have plenty of room now and can keep warm during the cold months. They have left their mark at the entrance !






We are now looking at purchasing some new plastic dog beds for the shelter (approx. £15-20 each). They are always needed as many get chewed throughout the year. If you would like to donate towards the purchase of these beds please send a donation to our office in Wraysbury with a note “Dog Bed Appeal” so that we can identify such donations or donate online at Just GIving thank you.

Sole and her team look after their dogs so well. Although there were some nervous dogs who will take some time to gain their confidence again, the majority were happy, friendly and just looked so pleased to have more visitors to fuss them.

Whilst we were there we were told about a galgo, Carbón, who had just arrived at the shelter and an x-ray (photo bottom left) showed he had a very bad break in his right leg. Our Trustee, Leigh, discussed the case with Juan, the shelter vet, and Sole and agreed that specialist orthopaedic surgery was needed. The cost for this surgery, which would be carried out by specialist vets in Albacete, was estimated to be €800-900 and we offered to cover these costs.


The operation was carried out the day after our visit and Carbón is expected to make a full recovery,

Just as we were leaving the shelter another galgo (left) arrived. He had been picked up in the streets by two of the shelter’s volunteers. He was in a bad way, his coat was in poor condition, he was covered with fleas and ticks.

The shelter vet checked him over immediately and started treatment. Fortunately, he had no broken bones and is now recovering well.