We last visited Charlotte and Dioni of 112carlotagalgos in 2012 but since that visit they have moved to a small finca.

As soon as we arrived at the finca we were greeted by Charlotte and Dioni’s own dogs. The finca is lovely and a great place for the galgos to be where they are cared for until they are ready for homing.

There is a quarantine area where new arrivals are placed and assessed. There is a little “garden kennel” where the nervous dogs are placed and Charlotte works closely with these dogs helping them to regain their confidence and trust.

In the orchard there are various houses for the galgos and we were amazed when it came to bedtime how good they all were. Charlotte and Dioni called their names and off they went to their house.

Next it was supper time and we were able to help with this. Then it was time for medication for some of them and put their coats on as the temperature was going down very quickly. Once this was done we left the orchard and they were all so quiet, hard to believe there were twenty dogs in the little houses. When we visited there were around 20 galgos and the majority are kept in the orchard which is on the lower level of the finca.