We’re supporting Bailey aged 10, with his fantastic idea for holding a yearly fundraising day in schools for animals.

Yearly animal fundraising day in schools petitionBailey’s petition to the Department for Education and Prime Minister Boris Johnson,  has already reached 22,029 signatures (as at 6.30pm, 22.06.21).

“I’m Bailey, I’m 10 years old and in year 5. I love animals and think that all of us should do a little more to help them. All schools have the same yearly fundraising days that are all related to humans. Children in need, poppy day, comic relief. Why is there no nationwide yearly school fundraising day for animals? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could support animals too?

The human population is thriving and because of this, things get worse and worse for animals. They need our help.

Like most children do, I love to dress up and wear non-uniform to school when we have a fundraising day. Most parents happily pay voluntary donations on those days. I think that we should have a fundraising day for animals in all schools across the country, with all the £1 donations going to animals”.

You can read the full version of Bailey’s petition and sign here

Make a difference  

Education is an important aspect of the work we do. The next generation has a vital role to play in the future of all animals on our planet.  We can help empower them to be a force for change to secure a better future for our four-legged friends, and animals of all shapes and sizes.

A yearly fundraising day will provide much-needed financial support to help hundreds of animal charities. But it will also give young people the opportunity to learn more about animals and their welfare, and play an active role in making a difference.

Please support Bailey by signing the petition. Who knows next year we could be supporting the first-ever Fundraising Day for Animals in Schools!