February 1st is World Galgo Day – Dia Del Galgo

The date was chosen because it marks the end of the hunting season in Spain when many galgos reach the end of their ‘useful’ hunting life and are condemned to abandonment or death.

The excessive and uncontrolled breeding of the galgos for hunting or coursing hare, followed by mass abandonment at the end of the hunting season results in a massive population of starving and sick galgos, placing extreme pressure on the rescue shelters in Spain.

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An abandoned galgo stands lonely by a graffitied wall


This is an extract from diadelgalgo.com

Galgos are mainly used for hunting or coursing hare. During the annual hunting season that runs from October to January, many live in cramped dark sheds when they are not coursing, spending their days confined and neglected. Training techniques are barbaric and include towing Galgos from cars, trucks, and motorcycles at high speeds.

Known as Galgueros, hunters dispose of Galgos at the end of hunting season in the most horrific ways imaginable… hung from trees, thrown into wells, starved, beaten to death or abandoned. It is estimated that thousands of Galgos are killed every year. Read more here. (Warning – you may find the next paragraph distressing)