On Sunday, 17th September, ten galgos looking for forever homes arrived with us from Galgos del Sol, transported by TodoPatas.  Watch the highlights of their first day in the UK. You can find out more about each of them here greyhoundsinneed.co.uk/dogs_our_galgos/galgos_uk/  A big thank you to everyone involved in rescuing them and getting them here to the UK, where we will be finding them all their forever homes.

Could you be the owner of one of these ten galgos looking for forever homes? Or might you be interested in adopting one in the future? If you are thinking of adopting a galgo, we do have a waiting list, but it is very important to us that we match the right dog to the right home. You can download our homing pack here greyhoundsinneed.co.uk/dogs_our_galgos/adoption/, which has all the information you need about giving a galgo a home and completing our homing questionnaire.

Watch the video and see Sponge Bob, Pandereta, Mayte, Mawi, Blackberry, Tufty, Orlando, Cameron, Feliz and Lechuga’s first experiences of England.