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Melon, (dob 03/12/20) is a sweet lad. He starts off a bit shy but is doing great on the walking list and getting on nicely with other dogs. He’s skittish on a lead and prefers dogs to people for the most part.  He loves playing in the park with other dogs and is partial to a Zoomie 😅


Andalucía, (dob 25/09/18). She’s a scared girl that would benefit from staying with other dogs. Once she’s out on a lead she does ok but always with 3 point harness and double lead. She lived in the mountains a long time where she gave birth. We would recommend an experienced home. Once she comes around we think she will be a loving loyal companion.


Ian, (dob 14/01/2019) was rescued from the streets and was so scared at first he wouldn’t even walk. Now he’s walking lovely on a lead and will stay close to a human that he knows. He’s really come on nicely. He would benefit from a home with a confident dog. He has funny webbed toes.


Nieblo, (dob 31/05/21). Sweet boy that has been a little shy but has come on in leaps and bounds. Great with other dogs and likes to play. Enjoys his walks on the sensory walk. 

Jemma, (dob 01/05/21) is a very scared girl that will do much better in a home. She arrived with a broken leg and the plate is still in , she’s doing great with it. Great with other dogs just scared with people. She is on the walking list with volunteers and does ok.

Jodie, (dob 09/11/2017). Lovely, sweet girl who’s a little shy but will come around. She had a stomach torsion but luckily after an operation was fine. Jodie walks beautifully on a lead and is great with other dogs.

Viento, (dob 19/05/19). Lovely big solid boy, larger than average. Fantastic on lead and super confident all around.  Can be a bit grumpy if a dog approaches him too quickly and in general better with calm girls than boys. He can get quite protective over his ladies once he’s bonded 😂. Lovely boy.


Dana, (dob 03/12/20) is a wonderful girl that came in pregnant. She literally started giving birth as we rescued her. Extremely friendly girl, does well with other dogs, kids, not scared at all. Fairly high energy but also loves a long snooze.

Justino, (dob 14/09/15) is a firm favourite of many of the volunteers. Walks great on a lead, sleeps thru the night, is extremely friendly and ok with other dogs. In the kennels with face on face greets he can be a bit grumpy so when introducing him to another dog we always go for a walk together first. He also likes to be alone and doesn’t really need other dogs. His favourite thing is people.

Sally, (dob 05/03/23). Lovely sweet girl. Handed in by another rescue that found her on the streets.