Dear Friends,                                                                                              December 2022


We have had a busy year and been pleased that we, and our supporters, have again been able to organise some fundraising events. We had some very sunny weather this summer which certainly helped to encourage people to come along. 


Our support to the shelters in Spain continues, they work tirelessly rescuing and caring for many galgos.  This year we have been able to continue our support to SOS Galgos.  They have set up their own Rescue and Education Centre in Barcelona and have been busy getting the kennels ready for more dogs to arrive. They also work hard on promoting the education project.   School visits have started and we have been able to help with some funding for chairs, fencing and education merchandise. We have produced a flyer in English and Spanish to help us promote this project.  


We have been able to offer some funding to Sandy who runs Galgos Rescue Almeria.  Sandy rescues many galgos in her area and this year, like so many of the shelters, has  received more galgos than normal.  They were looking to increase the kennel area so that they could accommodate more dogs and asked for our help.  We have been able to offer to fund two new kennel areas for them.


Another new contact, Carmen, Companero Fiel Baena, helps many dogs in the Cordoba area and contacted us for help.  We have been able to send some donated coats,  blankets, dog leads, collars etc to them, which they were very grateful for.  We are now giving funding for some veterinary and food costs.


We have taken twenty-two galgos from Galgos del Sol this year for homing in the UK (including Ponchito).  There is always a lot of interest in the galgos here and it is lovely for us to meet them when they arrive at the kennels and then watch them leave with their new owners over the following few weeks.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters and volunteers for all their hard work and support during the year which enables us to continue our work for the greyhounds and galgos.


We wish you, your families, and your dogs a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


                                                                           Carolyn and all at GIN    

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