Raising awareness about animal welfare and responsible ownership with children and young people paves the way for making change possible at home and in Spain.

Our education website, education.greyhoundsinneed.co.uk, provides a variety of activities and lessons for all ages, in English and Spanish. They are all available for everyone to download for free.  We recently created the ‘Greyhounds are greyt’ activity pack and you can download a copy here https://education.greyhoundsinneed.co.uk/greyhounds-are-greyt/ if you have children or grandchildren and are looking for a rainy day activity. 

Our support for the education outreach programmes run by the shelters in Spain continues. We fund transportation, materials, equipment—whatever they need to run workshops, events, and classes with groups of young people.

We are delighted that Katalin has joined the Galgos del Sol team, taking over the on-site education programme.

SOS Galgos and Arca de Noe are also busy at work running workshops and talks.  You can see their updates on the education  website news page or on our education Instagram@galgosgin_edulab

Our quarterly poster competition is always fantastic fun! Our March competition gallery can be seen here.  The shelters use the competition to encourage children to be creative and help spread the word about how important care for animals is.    We love seeing their entries and seeing the winners receive their prizes.

Finally, we are super excited that our galgo toy family has arrived! We now have Pietro, Spike, Ginny, and Rosa as 20cm cuddly toys.   They will be given to children in Spain who participate in workshops, along with our GIN water bottles, as a lasting reminder of their learning experience.  (The first boxes have already arrived with Galgos del Sol). And we are working on a project to make them the central part of an educational activity – watch this space!

GIN supports rescue shelters by funding education classrooms and equipment, transportation for school visits, and the provision of an education programme through a dedicated  website.

https://education.greyhoundsinneed.co.uk/ provides learning materials and activities all about galgos.  Supporting cross-curricular learning in schools, and available in both Spanish and English  (so UK teachers can use them too), learn about rescue shelters, what animals need, compare the life of a pet galgo vs a working galgo, make face masks and puppets, create a snuffle mat, and more!

Importantly, it supports the rescue shelters working on the ground with children and young people, giving them free access to a variety of activities. And GIN ensures the shelters have something the children can take away wristbands and water bottles are always popular!

GIN is also encouraging all young people (anywhere in the world) to join #teamgalgo. They can make their pledge to help the galgos and be included in the #GoTeamGalgo gallery, by sending a photo with their pledge here https://education.greyhoundsinneed.co.uk/team-galgo/.

You can support the education programme with a donation here  –           https://www.paypal.com/uk/fundraiser/charity/74131

Competition winners – Arca de Noe

Galgos del Sol

SOS Galgos

Arca de Noe

Toy galgos