About Us

Greyhounds in Need CIO (GIN) is an English registered charity founded by Anne and Arthur Finch, concerned with the plight of greyhounds everywhere, and especially in Spain, where most of our work is done.

Since starting this work in 1991 we have rescued and found homes for several thousand dogs with the help of many Spanish volunteers who carry out primary rescue work, and the homing groups and individuals in Europe and the USA who, in sympathy with our work, are promoting adoption in their own countries.

Greyhounds and galgos (Spanish-bred hunting greyhounds) make excellent family pets, and, contrary to popular opinion, their requirements for exercise are moderate and many can live happily with cats.

GIN is the leading greyhound rescue charity working in Spain and has unique knowledge of conditions there, and has permanent need of donations to enable the rescue work in Spain to be continued and expanded.