International Projects - Top 3 from 2016

Arca de Noe, Albacete

In our Spring/Summer newsletter we reported that the Arca de Noe shelter in Albacete needed to carry out work to change the layout of their veterinary clinic in order to comply with new laws coming into force in June 2016. Together with the structural work needed at the clinic additional veterinary equipment would have to be purchased.

We have worked with Arca de Noe for many years. They help large numbers of dogs, and some cats, every year, including the galgos.

It is less stressful for the rescued dogs to undergo necessary veterinary work at the shelter rather than have to travel back and forth to the clinic in the town. We fund the veterinary costs for their galgos who are homed in France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia and Switzerland, and were pleased to be able to offer funding for this project.

Leigh, our vet Trustee, was able to source some of the veterinary equipment.

When we last met Sole and her team we discussed the need to improve the paddock areas for the galgos. During the winter these areas flood and the water does not drain away very quickly so it is not good for the dogs and limits the areas they can be allowed in. Also the covered areas were in need of repair and we have been able to fund the building of 6 new “houses” in the paddocks. Four houses have been completed and two will be finished before the winter.

Education Update

Carmen of the Arca de Noe shelter continues with the education programme at the schools in and around the Albacete area. She visited one school recently, in an area where many galgos are bred, and she was pleasantly surprised at how kind the children were to Lena, a galga from the shelter, who Carmen took along to meet them. The children enjoyed Niko’s story and they enjoyed taking part in the drawing competition to win a T-Shirt.

Carmen has also had a busy summer attending many summer camps reaching more children, each summer school has an average of 100/120 students.

In our last newsletter we mentioned that we were looking at setting up an education website, linked to our main website, which would be accessible to teachers and pupils allowing them access to certain areas of the site and the ability to use and print off material as and when needed. Work is almost complete on this new site and we are all looking forward to this becoming active in the next couple of months.

The site will have some animated characters like Spike and Rosa and we hope that the children will enjoy using the site and playing the games whilst learning more about the galgos.

RECAL, Almendralejo

When we visited Mada earlier this year we discussed the need to provide more shading in the exercise paddocks. The original idea of planting trees wasn’t too successful as the dogs had their own ideas about that ! We were able to offer funding to RECAL to provide shaded areas in each paddock together with funding for some additional fencing in the paddocks and some repair work that was needed to ensure security for the dogs.

Mada helps many dogs each year but also manages to continue promoting the education programme in her area. She arranges visits to the local schools as well as organising visits to the shelter where the children can meet the dogs. We also help with some of the transport costs for these visits.

Galgos del Sol, Murcia

We have supported Tina of Galgos del Sol almost from the beginning of her work for the galgos by giving funding towards veterinary costs for some of the galgos she has rescued. Our last visit was in 2011 and Tina and her team have achieved so much in the last five years.

We visited again last October and were able to see the land where the new Galgos del Sol centre would be built. This is a huge project and will take time to complete but we were able to see that work had started on the first kennel block.

Tina showed us the plans for the project and discussions followed. We could all appreciate that once the work is complete life will become easier for Tina and her team. Having all the dogs in one place, and having a centre where people can visit and help care for the dogs until they are homed would make a big difference.

The urgent work was to get the kennel blocks built and move the galgos from the rented fincas to the new centre. We have now been able to give funding to sponsor 15 kennels in the second kennel block. Work has started already and should be completed very soon.

Tina and her team have also been busy promoting education in their area by visiting local schools and taking a galgo or two along to meet the children.