How to Help                            

There are many ways you can help our charity:

become aware
become a member           gift aid it


help fund our work
donate -
text BERB33 3 to 70070

text GINN33 (amount) to 70070
donate via JustGiving
donate via PayPal
sell on eBay for us
Help us with,uk
Help us with Humble Bundle

fundraise for us
request a collecting tin
help at an event
attend an event
buy GIN merchandise
recycle ink cartridges
send a book of stamps
send used postage stamps
remember us in your Will

direct help
adopt a greyhound/galgo
offer a home to a galgo
sponsor a greyhound/galgo           gift aid it
foster a greyhound/galgo
offer home/follow up visits
make a dog coat
knit for the galgos
write to your MEP

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