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For many years now, as well as the rescue and rehoming work, which we appreciate is at best first aid, we have tried to tackle the galgo problem at source.

To mark the charity’s 10 years of helping greyhounds and galgos and with the help of education consultants we have put together an educational resource. Our hopes are that this will support the teaching of English in Spanish schools, educate the children about the plight of the galgos and change the perception people have of these dogs. Hopefully this will encourage more Spanish people to adopt a galgo as a family pet. So many are often abandoned after their usefulness as a hunting dog is over.

This resource has been developed to support Spanish primary school and teachers of English as a foreign language, to children aged 9 to 12 years old. The activities support the teaching and learning of English vocabulary and phrases relating to the expression of feelings and emotions, using images, data and a story based on how GIN helps many galgos. By inviting Spanish children to develop their understanding and use of expressive English through a greater understanding of the galgo, the aim is to develop empathy for dogs and help make a difference to the many that are in need of loving homes.

Copies of the resource have been distributed to GIN contacts in Spain, in Albacete, Almendraelejo, Cadiz, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, summer camps and language schools in Miajadas, Caceres and Badajoz . The response we have had has been very positive and a CD-ROM version of the resource has now been developed due to the success of the activity to date.

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Below are some screen shots taken from the CD-ROM, shown here in English.

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