September - October transportations

During the summer months the transports from Spain decrease due to the hot weather. The work continues in Spain as the shelters have to care for the dogs and get them ready for the transports. Also the adoption groups continue their work of finding lovely homes for them.

Sixty six galgos left the Arca de Noe shelter in the last two months. Twenty galgos travelled to France to homes found by CREL (Club de Reconnaissance et d'Entraide aux LÚvriers).

Thirty six galgos left Albacete for homes in Italy, along with 4 galgos from ADANA in Badajoz. See their arrival in Italy:

Nina of SASIN travelled to Albacete to collect 10 galgos - Britta, Constance, Dali, Esquica, Oreo, Iscar, Shiva, Simon, Diablo and Noria for homing in Slovenia.

Catherine of Levriers en Detresse and her team have also had a busy two months. They have taken thirteen greyhounds - Whisper, Josey, Gent, Maria, Tod, Nancy, Star, Reggie, Willow, Ricky, Kayla, Babe and Larry for homing in France. Soon after they drove to Vic to collect galgos - Sahara, Ania, Garabato, Tranco, Casim and Chica.

GACI have also taken 28 greyhounds from Ireland, you can see their arrival here.

Already more transports are being planned so that more lucky greyhounds and galgos can be settled in new homes before Christmas.

We have been able to fund veterinary costs and some transport costs for the above and without the good co-operation we have with the shelters in Spain and the adoption groups in mainland Europe, and the tremendous support we receive from our supporters we would not be able to do this work, so a very big THANK YOU to everyone.

Carbonera happily homed in Italy
Balbino and Pepe arrive in Italy! Galgo arrival in France
Ciruela and Kiwi homed together in France Isabel, from Arca de Noe, homed in Italy thanks to GACI
Getting ready for the trip to France Greyhound Maya with her new friends in France
Paddy, ex-racer from the UK now homed in France Nina (SASIN) with the galgos in Albacete