September and October transportations

The last two months have been busy for everyone with 75 galgos and 63 greyhounds travelling to new homes in mainland Europe. Sole and her team at Arca de Noe, Albacete, prepared galgos for GACI in Italy, CREL in France and SASIN in Slovenia. Please watch the videos of their arrival here:

Nando and Baldo left ADANA in Badajoz for their new homes in Italy.

Nando and Baldo, originally from ADANA, now homed in Italy

Sole has also been busy overseeing the building of the new houses/shelters at Arca de Noe. Building work has now been completed and the volunteers have been busy painting these in some lovely bright colours.

Selfie, Send and Nena travelled from Vera at Galgos en Familia, Malaga to Harvey and Greyhounds Rescue Belgium.

Nena, originally from Galgos en Familia, Malaga, now homed in Belgium

Ketsa, Careta, Fina and Romie travelled to Therese of Association Aide aux Levriers Martyrs in France and Miguel, Ana, Thor, Telemaco and Tic left Vic for homing in France by Nathalie and Liaison Levriers.

Ketsa, originally from RECAL, now homed in France

Ex-racing greyhounds, Jimmy, Sue, Kane, Ruby, Marble and Bella left the UK for homing in France by Catherine Madry and Levriers en Detresse, France.

GACI have also taken 57 greyhounds from Ireland please see their arrival here:

More transports are being arranged this month

Without the good co-operation we have with the shelters in Spain and the adoption groups in Belgium, France, Italy and Slovenia and the tremendous support we receive from our supporters we would not be able to do this work, so a very big THANK YOU to everyone

Iceman, ex-racer from UK to France Suzie, ex-racer from the UK, now homed in France with greyhound Mike

Trompo, originally from APAPA, now homed in France Prado from APAPA now homed in Portugal

Nina (SASIN) with galgo Marco, heading for his new home in Slovenia Mike, ex-racer from the UK, now homed in France

Goma, cuddled up in Italy Galgos getting ready for their transport to Italy
Galgos getting ready for their transport to Italy 2 Cometa now homed in Italy
Campeon, looking very comfortable in France Amelie, originally from Arca de Noe, Albacete, now homed in Slovenia