Borassca getting ready for his journey to Normandy
Michel (GRB) with galgo Nico in Calais
Cocleta happily homed in Belgium

April - June Transportations

The last three months have been busy with many transports being arranged before it gets too hot to move the dogs.

In April we moved 10 galgos from Pep’s kennels in Spain. Eight came to the UK and five have now been adopted. We still have three who are waiting for their forever homes – Nico, Entumia and Sparky. Their details can be seen here. Borrasca and Messi travelled with our UK galgos to Calais, and Therese and her husband, from Association Aide aux Lévriers Martyrs travelled to Calais from Normandy to collect them for homing in France. 

We are very grateful to Harvey and Michel (Greyhounds Rescue Belgium) for transporting our galgos safely from Vic to Calais and to Nigel for transporting them from Calais to the kennels near our office in Wraysbury.

Princesa, Cocleta and Muri left RECAL for homes thanks to Galgos Save Belgium.

Elisa, Lily, Chiara, Sabrina have been very busy finding more homes for the greyhounds and galgos. Sixty two greyhounds left Ireland in April and May for new homes in Italy.

Please take a look at the videos of their arrival:

Also, in April, twenty galgos left Arca de Noe Albacete for homing in Italy (video coming soon)

Martin, Tracey and I were lucky enough to attend the GACI Raduno in Modena. This is a wonderful event where supporters of GACI travel many miles to attend. Two to three hundred people attend, with their dogs. There is a dog show and many stalls selling lovely dog coats, collars, jewellery and much more. The weather was not so good this year as in previous years but it didn’t stop us all enjoying ourselves.

Sole and her team have been busy over the last 3 months preparing the galgos for Italy as well as getting 15 galgos ready for Nina and her team from SASIN who came to collect them for homing in Slovenia.

Nina with the galgos at Arca de Noe, Albacete

Harvey, Greyhounds Rescue Belgium, received three galgos, Chanel, Rosendo and Sabana from Galgos en Familia. They travelled by road and our thanks go to Martha of Galgos en Familia for arranging all the paperwork, transport etc.




Last but not least, Catherine and Levriers en Detresse, collected Susie, Onyx, Pearl, Twist, Mark and Daisy, ex-racing greyhounds from the UK for homing in France. 

Mark, ex-racer from the UK, making friends in France

We are pleased to continue our funding which covers some transport costs and the veterinary costs necessary for the galgos to travel to their new homes.

We have again been able to help with funding towards the transport costs for moving the greyhounds from the UK and Ireland, to France and Italy.

Many thanks to everyone concerned for making all of this possible.